Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 30, 2012

Strange story in Sharpsburg yesterday

I know, I’m taking a break from Potomac Tea Party Report, but I can’t resist throwing my two cents worth in on this fishy story about the FBI and Maryland State Police closing off a road for a seven-hour manhunt not far from where I live because some guy has some guns (doesn’t everyone around here?) and some say he is a survivalist.  Is this a warning shot from the O-man to freedom-loving Americans?

Here is the updated story from the Hagerstown Herald Mail late last night.  Staging area, helicopters, kept kids at the elementary school, took a few guns, then they just went away, made no arrest, never even found the man.   Sure looks like FBI/police overkill to me.   Wonder what this little episode cost the taxpayers?  

Herald Mail’s fuzzy story:

A massive hunt for a man as part of an investigation for illegal possession of firearms in the Mills Road area south of Sharpsburg ended Thursday night when a Maryland State Police spokesman said there was no sign of the man after police had staked out the man’s home looking for him.

Does this make sense to you?  They had a search warrant but couldn’t find him in his home? They thought for hours that he was still there.  Then they just said, oh well, and went away.

When troopers entered the one-story home during the roughly seven-hour ordeal, they found several long guns, Shipley said.

Troopers believed the 46-year-old man was in the home, but the man did not answer the door and did not make himself known to troopers who entered the home, Shipley said.

Shipley said at the scene that he believed the man might have been in the basement of the house.

Shipley said he didn’t know if troopers tried to call out for the man while they waited inside during the afternoon.

At about 7 p.m., Shipley announced there was no sign of the man and that police would be leaving the area within about an hour after taking some guns from the house.

Shipley said he did not know if troopers finally moved around in the house and were able to determine if the man was not there.

“We want to work this out and resolve it peacefully,” Shipley said in an interview before investigators decided to leave the house.

Neighbor says the guy was great—would leave his kids with him.

After the house search, police started moving down Burnside Bridge Road to the intersection of Mills Road, which was blocked off during the afternoon.

At one point, a large excavator was brought to the scene, but Shipley said he did not know what that was for.

Doug Bigelow, who lives in the area, said the man who lives in the house that was searched was a friend.

Surprised at what was going on, Bigelow said he always found his friend to live his life on the “straight and narrow.” Bigelow said he would feel safe leaving his kids with the man.

I’ll update you if we ever learn more.  I’d still like to know why two private investigators were out on the road near my farm for two days last week—they stuck out like sore thumbs.

Visit me at Refugee Resettlement Watch if you want to learn more about how the Socialist Hard Left uses third world immigrants as pawns, moving them around the world for their borderless-world agenda and to bring economic and social/cultural pressure on western countries.   Crashing western economies, they think, will bring on the revolution.  And, the Islamists are along for the ride.


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