Local Tea Party Groups

Help build the network of local tea party groups in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia by sending me your contact information or updating me on the contacts we already have below!   Write to Ann@vigilantfreedom.com

Update! Looks like Tea Party Patriots has done the work for me! Look at this  huge state by state list of Tea Parties!

Alexandria Tea Party (VA)

Allegany County Conservative Tea Party Caucus (MD)

Americans for Prosperity (MD, see also county contacts)

Arlington County Tea Party (VA)

Bel Air Tea Party (MD)

Blue Ridge Patriots (WV)

Calvert County Tea Party (MD)

Campaign for Liberty (MD)

Charles County Alacrity (MD)

Culpeper County Tea Party (VA)

Delaware County Patriots (PA)

Elkton Tea Party (MD)

Fairfax County Tea Party (VA)

Federation of Maryland Tea Party Patriots (MD)

Hagerstown Tea Party (MD)

Hampton Roads Tea Party (VA)

Hancock T.E.A party (MD)

Independence Hall Tea Party (PA)

John Adams Patriots/Stafford Tea Party (VA)

Maryland Society of Patriots(MD)

North Central West Virginia Tea Party (WV)

Northern Virginia Tea Party (VA)

NOVA Tea Party (VA)

Parkersburg West Virginia Tea Party (WV)

Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots (PA)

Pittsburgh Tea Party (PA)

Prince William County Tea Party (VA)

Reston Tea Party (VA)

Richmond Tea Party (VA)

Roanoke Tea Party (VA)

Virginia Tea Party Patriots (VA)

We Surround Them Frederick (MD)

We the People Carroll Co (MD)

West Virginia Conservative Foundation (WV)

West Virginia Tea Party Patriots (list of many groups in WV)

Western Maryland Tea Party (MD)

WV Metro Valley Patriots Tea Party (WV)

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