Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 2, 2012

Another SWAT in Maryland! Does O’Malley have his own goon squad?

Oh geez, are we seeing a pattern here! 

For the last two days we’ve reported on the absolutely ridiculous situation in sleepy Sharpsburg where a “manhunt” was underway for a local guy who had done nothing more than acquired some guns with a two decades old drug arrest on his record.   Mind you, he hadn’t threatened anyone or shot at anyone.  See our two previous posts here and here.   We are told that the Maryland State Police were in charge of that over-the-top display of firepower.

Is O’Malley, the ever faithful servant of Barack Obama, attempting to silence people he doesn’t agree with by rounding them up on trumped up gun charges?  Is he sending a message?

Last night a SWAT team arrived at the home of a black Baltimore blogger who had not shown up for a court date and took him into custody after a five-hour stand-off.   The blogger played Ron Paul’s fairwell speech to Congress as he surrendered.

I don’t know what this guy was saying in his blog or on the radio, but whatever it was, I defend his right to say it in America!  And, so should we all!

From the (hat tip: Judy):

Frank James MacArthur has been a positive voice in the Baltimore community for years and now with the internet he has been able to take his activism to a global level.

His outspokenness has always made him a target for police, a problem common among many activists.

Tonight he has been taken into custody by police after a 5 hour standoff at his home where he broadcasted the kidnapping live to listeners worldwide.

It is said that the average American commits three felonies a day just in their day to day financial transactions.  With that being the case, if you ruffle enough feathers and the “powers that shouldn’t be” decide to come after you, they aren’t going to have to look too hard to find something to harass you about, regardless of what you do in your free time.

This is the situation that James MacArthur seems to have found himself in, with a SWAT team being sent to take him away because he failed to appear for a court date, a court date that he says he was never notified of.

Trumped up gun charges going back years—does that sound familiar?

In all reality MacArthur is guilty of no real crime, but he has apparently disobeyed some of the state’s laws and commands.  According to media reports the only reason he is wrapped up in the system is because of trumped up gun charges dating years back.

I say trumped up, because any gun charge where someone has not been shot at, is a trumped up charge.  MacArthur’s so called offenses were not violent and he is not a violent person.

He sent a message as he was led away:

At about 11 p.m. MacArthur agreed to exit his house and surrender to police, playing a recording of Rep. Ron Paul’s farewell address to Congress.

You know, we have been hearing rumblings that Obama wants our guns and to silence our speech.  I guess we have to start thinking that it is not only possible, but that he is making his move.   And, I wonder if in the case of Porter in Sharpsburg and MacArthur in Baltimore if police were hoping to provoke both men into firing a weapon.

Porter turned himself in the following day, and MacArthur went peacefully.

For more information, read the Baltimore Sun article here.


  1. Activism and Ron Paul recordings are prohibited in the Peoples Republic of Maryland. Martin the Tax Man O’Malley is bucking for higher office. He made points by raising taxes, now he has to crush dissent.

  2. Looks like “Jack” O’Malley is trying to get more attention, so maybe Obama will remember his name is Martin, rather than ‘Jack’ .
    Regardless of his first name, Maryland will be better off when O’Maggot is no longer governor.

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