Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 1, 2012

Sharpsburg, MD mass police/FBI mobilization was over the top

Update December 4:   More on the “manhunt.”  “Dangerous” man had a bunker, was storing food and was unhappy with the results of the Presidential election, here.

More news from the Peoples’ Republic of Maryland!  Update on yesterday’s post.

Wouldn’t Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security) have loved it to be able to tell a whopping story to the sycophant media about a right wing gun guy with a bunker (not illegal in America yet) taking a shot at the Maryland State Police, the FBI, and I am told ATF, in sleepy Sharpsburg on Thursday.

Were they aiming for a Ruby Ridge repeat?   Lucky for America, this guy is a good guy and wasn’t home when all this went down and wisely stayed away!

And, wouldn’t Obama have loved a “right wing gun nut” story to be able to push his international gun control agenda.

Sorry if that sounds overly dramatic on my part, but remember it was the Obama Administration that released a report shortly after Obama took office that warned, never mind Muslim extremists, it was rightwing terrorists we should all fear.

So was it a planned “training mission” as some are saying locally in order to send a message, or an absolutely over-the-top response to a guy with a 20-year-old marijuana arrest who had a few guns, was otherwise an upstanding citizen and was storing food in a bunker?    (I learned yesterday the authorities had even traced his food orders).   According to sources close to the family, his mistake is thinking we are going down the rat hole like Greece (who doesn’t these days!) and was getting ready to protect his family.  Heck, there are whole TV shows about survivalism—are we sending SWAT teams to homes of all of those people?

Here is the Hagerstown Herald Mail update.  Terry Porter turned himself in.

A Sharpsburg area man who was the subject of a massive search by police Thursday afternoon turned himself in to Maryland State Police on Friday and was charged with 14 firearms violations, according to the Washington County State’s Attorney’s Office and Sheriff Douglas W. Mullendore.

Terry Allen Porter, 46, of 4433 Mills Road, was being held on $75,000 bond Friday night at the Washington County Detention Center, according to a jail spokesperson.  [That is a pretty small bond for a supposedly “dangerous” man—ed]

State police on Thursday issued a warrant for Porter on charges of being a convicted felon in possession of a rifle or shotgun and being a felon in possession of a firearm, court records said.

You know they didn’t have a proper warrant for his arrest when they started all those “manhunt” stories on early Thursday, and that is why they left his home after seven hours.  They had a search warrant when they arrived at the unoccupied home and kicked the door in to gain entry!   Again, how many small gun violations like this one are bringing out this incredible military-like occupation of a rural road?    I hope Porter gets a great lawyer!

Police called off the operation Thursday at about 7 p.m., about seven hours after it began. No one was charged and police did not have an arrest warrant for the occupant of the house, Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley said Friday.

It is going to be interesting to learn, who first tipped off the police that their neighbor had guns (in a community where everyone has at least one gun).

The H/M continued:

Shipley said he could not say if the search was still in progress Friday or how the state police received information about the man.

Now this is really funny, the police can’t say how many officers were on hand for the “manhunt.”    I heard from people who were there that there were at least 150 police/special SWAT team units/FBI officers in on the operation.  They had a staging area with heavy equipment, armored vehicles, black SUVs running up and down the rural roads, a helicopter and even a MD State Police special lunch truck (no kidding!  I saw the photo).  The staging area was on a National Park Service campground that adjoins my property (but 3/4 of a mile from my house so alas I didn’t see it personally, just some photos).

The exact number of police at the scene Thursday was unavailable Friday.

Shipley said they numbered in the “dozens” but said he did not have an exact number of agencies or personnel.

Porter doesn’t deserve what happened to him yesterday, and neither do the taxpayers of Maryland and the United States.

Allen Crampton, 40, who lives on Mills Road, said he and Porter attended Sharpsburg Elementary School at the same time, although in different grades.

“He doesn’t deserve what happened to him yesterday,” Crampton said.

And, I can’t wait for us to learn what the operation cost us—-guesses from those who saw it all put their estimates at a quarter of a million dollars to a half million!

Heather Hamilton, 35, who lives at 18809 Burnside Bridge Road, around the corner from Porter’s house, said Friday that a Maryland State Police trooper went to her home Thursday to talk to her about what was going on and mentioned that it was regarding a man she had known since childhood.

“You had helicopters flying over, SWAT crews down here, excavation equipment was brought in, and armored vehicles,” she said. “It was ridiculous for (the man), who would not hurt another person for anything. Unless you would attack him, he’s not going to go after anyone.”

She said she viewed the operation as “a big waste of taxpayer money.”

We aren’t going to let this story go away…

LOL! Let’s all build bunkers!  Mr. Porter can teach us how to do it!


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