Update January 22, 2010: Although I had hoped to divide my posts relatively equally between news from Tea Partiers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia, it seems that the demands on my time have caused me to mostly focus on my home state of Maryland.  I will from time to time report on other quad-state Tea Party news, but so much is happening in Maryland it impossible to do the other states justice.

Tea Party activists need a networking site!

The idea for the Potomac Tea Party Report came to me a few weeks ago, in December 2009, when I travelled by bus with a bunch of enthusiastic Tea Party activists to Washington, DC to demonstrate against the Obama/Pelosi/Reid health care legislation.   My new friends and fellow bus riders were so well-informed and doing so many great things with their activism it was wonderful and exciting to be with those kindred spirits for the day.  But I also realized we weren’t networking as effectively as we might.   A bus trip to catch up on regional and national news was great, but wasn’t very practical for everyday organizing.

I’m hoping this blog will serve as a kind of daily bus trip with friends.

I believe through networking we can be more effective, and accomplish so much more in this critical 2010 election year, therefore I’m setting up this clearinghouse of sorts for issues, political action, and grassroots groups in a four state area that includes portions of Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia, thus the ‘Potomac’ in the title.

Contact me at Ann@vigilantfreedom.com and send me news and contact information for your group and about your issues.

Are you new to blogging?

When reading a blog, the most important thing to remember is that the latest (newest) posts are always at the top of the page and you then scroll down the page to read back through recent days and weeks (eventually back through years!).

To find posts later, I’ll also have categories that will include topics of interest to conservatives such as health care, immigration, tax issues, the federal debt, national security, property rights, news from your group and so forth (see ‘categories’ on the right hand side bar) where posts will be placed for easy access.

Visit the blog roll where I’ll start by linking some of my favorite sites.  Please send me yours as well.

If you would like to comment, please click on the ‘comment’ link at the end of the post you wish to comment on and follow instructions.  You needn’t give your real name, you can make one up.  But, know that I won’t be posting any comments with foul language or comments that viciously attack other commenters.  Vigorous debate is good, but please be civil to one another.

Now, let’s get to work!  We have a lot to do this year to set America on the right path!

P.S.  For the first few weeks the Potomac Tea Party Report will be sparse—it takes time to build up a body of information, so please continue to visit!

Photo credit: The header photo is from Bob McCarty Writes and was taken at the 2009 9/12 Tea Party in Washington, DC.  I am there in that crowd somewhere!



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  6. Ann,
    I just heard the terrible news that they are stopping the Glenn Beck show on Fox. The radicals on the left have gotten their way by pressuring advertisers to pull their support. Tea party activists have to do something fast! Glenn Beck has been a huge supporter and he is the only one getting the truth out. Everyone needs to contact Fox and ask them to reverse their decision. Can you get the word out? Thanks.

  7. Hi,

    I live in Glenn Dale Maryland and have been a resident of Maryland all my life.
    I’m also a faithful Glenn Beck fan and participated in the Restore Honor event on 8/28/2010.
    I’m new to this blogging and I want to join the Potomac Tea Party.
    I would like to participate in any Glenn Beck flash mob of kindness events held today or in the future.

    • Hi Norma, Sorry I don’t know where in Maryland there will be flash mobs…I should know, but sorry I don’t. Potomac Tea Party Report is a blog–a news source not a group to join. What county are you in and maybe I can find you some people close to you to join with. I am out in Washington County.

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  11. I was happy to come across your blog! I remember you as an avid (and formidable!) advocate of private property rights in the 1990s and happy to see that you’re back in the political arena. I know you must be a valuable asset to the Tea Party-type of Conservative politics that this country desperately needs.

  12. I just found you from a friends email. I for one believe you are correct. I believe that the Muslims will eventually gain power from their voting power to elect congressmen and then slowly change the Consitution and our laws to Muslim doctrine. Unless we stop the inflow and convince Anglo Saxon women to birth more children the security of our great nation is in its slippery slope just like the Roman Empire.
    We will be a note in history. The author Friedrich Hayek and Ann Ryan will turn out to be predictions come true.

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