Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 28, 2016

Largest mosque complex in US to open in Maryland this week, Obama will be there

Or so we are told.  


Lanham mosque

Mosques mark Islamic territory….

A week after the bloody Islamic terror attack in “welcoming” Belgium, the rumor is that Obama will be on hand in Maryland this week to celebrate the opening of the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center in Lanham, MD.

Without mass immigration there would be no need for huge mosques in America.

Read all about it here at Creeping Sharia.  See our mention of it here in 2013 when then Governor Martin O’Malley was overjoyed at the news.

We expect Obama to be there, but keep an eye on whether Maryland Republicans show up.  Governor Hogan?


I had been planning to write here at PTPR (sorry I’ve been so awful about keeping up) anyway to remind Marylanders that our primary on April 26th is a CLOSED primary which means you must be registered as either a D or an R to vote. Independents are out of luck.


You have until April 5th to register or re-register in either of the major parties.  Hold your nose and do it, so that you can participate in the April 26th Presidential primary!  

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  1. […] to write a lot here this morning (I have a backlog of good stuff), but got side tracked (first at Potomac Tea Party Report where I needed to remind Marylanders to register to vote by April 5th, and tell them about the […]

  2. We do not want more Mosques or Islamic Education Centers ( actually terrorist training centers) in OUR country. If Muslims love Islam so much why don’t they move/live in Islamic countries. Maybe this can al be converted to a Christian or Jewish Education Center.


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