Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 21, 2012

Taking a break….

Yes, I am going to take a break from writing Potomac Tea Party Report.

As I said in a post the other day, each of us (volunteers!) has to find the place where, with our limited time and resources, we can have some small impact on perhaps saving America.   In 2007, a friend, Judy, and I began looking into the Refugee Resettlement Program of the US State Department and what we found is shocking on many levels.  That is where my heart is—very few people in the United States write about the program and other LEGAL immigration programs whose soul purpose is to import needy third world cultures into America.  Why don’t more write about it—fear—fear of being called racists.

There are many voices on the right expounding about illegal immigration and the many other issues facing Maryland and the Nation, but only a tiny handful are focusing on how the Socialists are changing America—by changing the people.  Not so much the minds of Americans, that too, but they are importing a whole new population.

What first got me thinking about how, under so-called ‘conservative’ noses, the Socialists are working away at their project was this article in the Weekly Standard where Bill Kristol and the boys are surprised about a State Department official’s trip to Minnesota.   Bill and the other smart boys in the Republican establishment don’t seem to get why this trip is happening (or they do know and are chickens).  They don’t know that Minnesota is reaching critical mass in terms of the political influence of the burgeoning Somali Muslim population (tens of thousands of Somalis have been resettled there over three decades) and the state is an experiment in their one-world socialist plans?

The people mentioned in the Weekly Standard article are all George Soros creations—Brimmer, Ellison, Schwartz.  They are on the move now.

Here is the Weekly Standard:

The State Department has announced that it’s sending the assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs to … Minneapolis, Minnesota. The government official, Esther Brimmer, will meet with “local human rights and refugee advocates.”

“Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer will travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 19 where she will be hosted by Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) and participate in a series of discussions with civil society organizations on U.S. multilateral engagement,” the State Department’s press release reads. “During her trip, Assistant Secretary Brimmer will participate in a roundtable discussion on human rights at the Center for Changing Lives with Congressman Ellison, local human rights and refugee advocates, and local and state government officials. Later in the day, Assistant Secretary Brimmer and Congressman Ellison will participate in a roundtable discussion on food security issues hosted by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, a non-profit research and advocacy organization that promotes sustainable food, farm, and trade systems.”

The press release is written in the same way an announcement for a trip abroad would be described. Except Brimmer is only going to Minnesota.

“While in Minneapolis, Assistant Secretary Brimmer will also meet with Eric Schwartz, Dean of the Humphrey School and former Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, and students at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey Graduate School for Public Affairs,” the press release reads.

“….a Nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.”

And, in one of those funny quirks of timing, Judy sent me an article just this morning about the British Statesman Enoch Powell written by Roger Kimball at PJ Media Mr. Kimball first tells us that he is recovering from Hurricane Sandy and reading the biography of Powell (Like the Roman) whose career virtually ended because he rightly made a prediction about mass immigration in his infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech.   Here is Kimball:

 To many people these days, Powell is totally unknown. To those who do recall his name, he is the author of the so-called “Rivers of Blood Speech” — what he himself always referred to as “the Birmingham Speech.” In that 1968 address to the Conservative Political Centre at the Midland Hotel, he warned of the consequences to British society of large-scale immigration of unassimiliating, perpetually dependent populations. “It is,” Powell said, “like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre. So insane are we that we actually permit unmarried persons to immigrate for the purpose of founding a family with spouses and fiancées whom they have never seen.” What was extraordinary then is just business as usual today.

Among the several predictions that Powell made that came to pass, the braying excoriation of him by the commissars of established political opinion led the list. “I can already hear the chorus of execration,” he wrote.  “How dare I say such a horrible thing?”

I believe — and now I can hear that chorus of execration myself — that Powell was correct in just about every particular of that speech.  It ruined his career. And the fact that he was right about the effects of wholesale immigration made it all the more unforgivable.


Powell did not retreat from principle. He did not abandon the truth. No one could accuse this classics scholar, military man, and consummate orator of being unsophisticated. Instead, he was roundly denounced as “racialist,” the omnibus term of abuse that preceded our own favorite, “racism.”

Kimball goes on to ask:

Are we not, in our fiscal incontinence and pullulating political correctness, piling up our own funeral pyre? 

Read it all!

Readers, I will write here from time to time if I find something of interest, but you can visit me at Refugee Resettlement Watch for the foreseeable future.

I can’t tell you what to do, but we are in a long war.  It’s easy to be a gadfly—to have ‘issues-attention-deficit disorder,’  I know!

The other side has been at this for a long time, each of us must find where we will make our stand, but I urge you to find that place and get started.  And, be prepared to not see the results of your hard work in your lifetime.


  1. Anne – I respect your choosing a path to follow that makes sense to you. We each have to do the same. How long have you been engaged in support for freedom and basic constitutional government in this country? In Maryland, I have been fighting this battle for over 30 years. Not a day has gone by in that period of time, that I have not seen the apathy and indifference to tyranny right here where we live each day.
    The fight for freedom IS a long war, and, if you have just gotten started, it may seem like very little results will emerge in your life-time.
    As a long-time activist, I must tell you, I feel more confident than ever of the rightness of our cause. and the growing number of patriots who are finally waking up to the fundamental battle for freedom and basic values of our country. I believe that events coming now will wake up many more patriots very soon to this battle as well. Then, our numbers will grow, perhaps to become a “sea of locusts” in every precinct, speaking the strong message of hope and promise in true freedom as a law of nature, rather than an entitlement from government. Whatever you do, I hope you will continue to be a part of this larger battle we must wage as human beings and Americans for a decent government and a free, civil society. All patriots have a roll to play in this work, and we all must do our part to assure ultimate victory.

    • Lee, I helped start a NATIONAL property rights coalition in 1989. I have been at this for a long time. But, the bottomline is that each of us has to decide where we will put our volunteer time and running mouths on blogs and facebook etc. pontificating and speaking to our own side… will accomplish little in the long run.

      • Anne – so true. You have been a fighter, for sure. There are too few persons as yourself — and we need to multiply the numbers greatly. As I posted before, we have to choose our best way to proceed, and we all have different skills, talents and knowledge. I’m sure that wherever you express your efforts, they will resonate with commonsense and value to all others who are involved.
        It’s a lesson we have to keep reminding ourselves that there are many battles to fight and roles to play in this effort for freedom in society. If we all do our part, then there is a good result for all in the end. Thanks again for your inspiring and thoughtful contribution to this blog. I have found it very worthwhile and positive in many respects.

      • Lee, thanks for the kind words….you too keep up the good work!

  2. Ann, you are courageous, instructive, a Warrior for Truth, exceptionally bright, a real Leader and you do it all with a sharp wit. What a combination of talent!! I shall miss your postings, just as I know other followers will. Yet I fully understand how important it is to pursue one’s passion.

    I’ve been sensing my own coming watershed looking around and deciding what to let go and what to pursue. Focus, focus, focus. In part, that’s why I stepped down from EIM. And I’m starting to go through my closets. 🙂 And what will I do with my dog ramp business? And what political alliances will I join? I don’t know, but I’m confident all of this will unfold in time.

    Thank you, my friend, for your commitment to this still great nation. We have precious time to right this ship, and I am honored to do battle alongside you in the days, weeks, years ahead that we have remaining. Our struggle is a privilege. We follow in the footsteps of Giants.

    Press On, Ann!! God bless you in all your endeavors!


    • Thanks Cathy, I am not going away. I am just going to focus! And, I am not forgetting MD CAN!!!

  3. OH NO! How will I get by without my morning PTPR fix?

    I’ve really valued your insights, Ann. You have a way of looking at things differently and peeling away the layers of the onion that I truly envy (not to mention the energy of 3 of us mere mortals).

    Like you & Cathy, the election also made me think about the need to re-focus. The barbarians are at the gate, and like Rome our army is small and full of mercenaries willing to sell out to the highest bidder. I fear conservatives are going to be beaten on the political battlefield for years to come. But we need to keep fighting delaying actions (nonpartisan citizens groups focused on single problems) and preserving our heritage the way the monks preserved Western civilization during the Dark Ages.

    Because there is a generation of young people already born who are going to find themselves young adults in a very dysfunctional and diminished America. They’re going to look around and wonder how a nation that once sent a man to the Moon and built great dams, bridges, highways and skyscrapers now can’t even keep the lights on. That’s why we need to make sure we’re still here to show them a better way.


    PS: I think you’re 100% correct to focus on the immigration issue. Bad laws can be repealed, evil politicians can be voted out, stolen lands can be reclaimed and lost fortunes rebuilt. But a lost people are lost forever.

    • Thanks Paul, I really appreciate your support. In light of your concern for immigration, you might like Refugee Resettlement Watch even better!

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