Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 29, 2012

Polls are close on important Maryland ballot questions

Still have power out here in western Maryland!  Yippee!  Hope you do too!

Brad Botwin of Help Save Maryland just sent around this exciting bit of  news from, of all places, the Daily Kos!

This morning’s Baltimore Sun headlined the results of its latest poll on the referendums on marriage equality and the Dream Act.  Link is here.  [be sure to read the Baltimore Sun story too!—ed]

On marriage equality, 46% are for and 47% are against.  This poll is very disappointing to those of us who support marriage equality, as the previous Sun poll, conducted last month, showed 49% to 39% support for marriage equality, and progressive Marylanders such as myself were confident Maryland would become the first state to approve marriage equality in a statewide referendum.

The Sun blamed the switch on recent opposition from black voters.  In last month’s poll, a majority of black voters supported marriage equality, but now 50% are opposed and 42% are in favor.  Of weekly church goers, 70% are opposed.  (This weekly synagogue goer is proud to state that my synagogue, along with most if not all non-Orthodox synagogues, support marriage equality.)

The Dream Act is also a close call, but, unlike marriage equality, every previous poll has showed it to be a close call.  47% are in favor, 45% are opposed.  Most blacks support the Dream Act. Not surprizingly, in Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties voters overwhelmingly support the Dream Act, and the red counties – everything outside the Baltimore-DC metro area, plus exurbia Frederick, Carroll, and Harford, oppose it.  What is surprizing is that the Baltimore metro area opposes the Dream Act 45% to 49%.

The good news [for the Lefties—ed] is that President Obama is ahead 55% to 36%.  Wish this were true for the whole country.

Forgot to mention the other day that Democrat Joey “the silencer” Sandler has now gone after Neil Parrott and, here.  Previously, here, it was Help Save Maryland.   Bullying seems to be the only way the Dems can win!  No free speech allowed!


  1. On the “Obama” poll, I’m with Romney in Maryland, so naturally I don’t believe in polls. That said, even an outstanding, sane and commonsense candidate like Romney has a hard time getting votes when the people put in charge of his campaign leave the state to rally support somewhere else. We MD Romney supporters left to fight the patriot battle here are like Marion, the swamp fox in the Revolutionary War — orphans abandoned by the regular troops; without the ammunition of literature, bumper stickers, signs, and other means to wage an ordinary tactical campaign. The predictable result is a heavy hill to climb to overcome the numbing hypnotic influence of the socialistic government school indoctrination, coupled with the misleaded, biased socialist propaganda media, such as the Washington Post, and their chronies.
    Many people just vote the “demoncrat” label out of hypnotic habit or fear of losing welfare or a fat government paycheck (“job”?). Greed and fear trump reality of radical socialism in the short run. We sane, rational Maryland patriots are leading the way out, but it takes time. I’m pleased to say that recent evidence is very positive for the patriot cause in Maryland, because some excellent candidates have stepped forward.
    My advice is to watch the trends and movements over time — not get too emotional about polls and feelings one way or another. O’Malley, the Maryland leader of the demoncrats on radio yesterday is talking about the evils of global warming and the need to “de-couple” profit from incentive in the energy field. HIs way of radical socialism, even in Maryland, is dying, because it’s based on lies and illusions of the past. Even the truth of laws of nature apply in Maryland, and they will win out in the end. Even O’Malley’s insane fantasies can’t overcome the reality and authority of these laws.

    Lee Havis

  2. First of all, let me explain my view on this. This is not a marriage equality issue. The Gay’s, if I am not mistaken, already had equal rights here in Maryland called Civil Unions. They could get on each other’s insurance, they could file joint tax returns, blah, blah, blah. In short, the gay community already had all the rights that married (traditional marriages) had. The only thing lacking was the marriage certificate.

    And why do they so desparately need the marriage certificate? In my opinion it has nothing to do with equal rights, what it has to do with is the left turning all of us into, as Pink Floyd sang back in the eighties, JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL.

    If a man can marry a man, and a woman can marry a woman, and a man can marry a woman, and a woman can marry a man, then what is the point of even having an institution of marriage?

    The left’s whole point is to destroy exceptionism, we all have to be “Just another brick in the wall.” It has nothing to do with marriage equality or equal rights, they already had that.

    What we are faced with here in Maryland is an extremely liberal legislature that see this as their best chance to shove this crap down our throats whether we want it or not. Assuming business as usual, that being that we the people would not be paying attention, as we in the past have not, would just accept it.

    The Same-Sex marriage law has absolutely nothing to do with equality, it has to do with destroying exceptionism.

    Just my opinion.

  3. Keep in mind that not everyone votes the entire ballot. Low-information voters often skip some or all of the down-ballot items, especially if they don’t have a “D” or an “R” next to them for guidance! I’m hoping that those opposed to Question 4 will be more motivated to vote the question than average.

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