Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 16, 2012

DNC hitman, Joey “the silencer” Sandler, is at it again!

Illegal aliens and their Democrat supporters can have voices, but taxpayers and country class people cannot!

This time the DNC’s chosen big dog has been brought out to attack Help Save Maryland for running a few radio spots about voters having the opportunity to speak on the issue of instate tuition for illegal immigrants in Maryland.  Sandler, former DNC top lawyer, is well-known for his legal skills used to silence voters’ voices.  (We have a whole category on him here —37 posts!—so that readers might more easily track his efforts to kill free speech.)

Here is his latest “hit” as reported by the Gazette (emphasis mine):

State Democrats have accused a group opposing the Maryland Dream Act of violating campaign finance law, arguing that the group produced and aired radio ads without registering as a political committee.

The Maryland Democratic Party has asked state prosecutors to investigate Help Save Maryland, which they say has not registered as a ballot issue committee, as required by state law.

The Dream Act, which allows some undocumented immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition at community colleges and public universities, is one of several measures going before voters in November.

Brad Botwin, director of Help Save Maryland, said his group was one of several that simply presented facts about the new law, but did not take a position.

“This is just an attempt now to silence and violate our First Amendment rights,” Botwin said, adding that he had referred the letter to the group’s attorney and that he would be glad to answer any questions prosecutors might have.

Sandler and CASA de Maryland must be worried!

Such ads violate election law not only because the group has not formed a ballot issue committee — which would require them to disclose donations — but because the ads do not include a proper authority line identifying a registered political committee and its treasurer, wrote the party’s attorney, Joseph Sandler, in a letter to prosecutors dated Monday.

“By flagrantly ignoring these requirements, Help Save Maryland is preventing Maryland citizens from having information to which they are entitled,” Sandler wrote.  [So who exactly is keeping information from Maryland voters?—LOL!—ed]

Here is Sandler’s whole letter to the Maryland state prosecutors office.  In addition to the fact that Sandler and company want more immigrants to vote for Democrats, this is also about Gov. O’Malley’s future.  If he loses his signature issues—taxpayer funded tuition for illegal aliens, redistricting, or gay marriage—his aspirations for higher office are out the window.

O’Malley is not a very bright bulb and I suspect that is why Sandler and the DNC (and foreign) big dogs want to keep him out front and available.  They need to be able to control the next Democrat candidate for President (just like they control the not-so-bright Obama).

This (below) is what we learned in the summer of 2011 about Joey “the silencer:”

Harvard-educated Sandler is well-known for his role as a “silencer” as we noted in a post here in June (with links).

~Sandler tried to silence Glenn Beck—to keep him from talking about Van Jones.

~Sandler silenced those clamoring in 2008 for Obama’s birth certificate.

~Sandler tried to silence Robert Spencer and keep him from talking about Muslim extremists.

~Sandler tried to silence the real Tea Party with the dirty trick of setting up phony Tea Parties.

~Sandler was involved in legal challenges to silence critics of gay marriage (by endorsing the plan to post all their names on the internet and thus subject them to potential harrassment).

~Sandler is trying to silence those who want photo IDs for voting.

By the way, although Sandler heads up a big DC law firm, he lives in Maryland.


  1. Obviously, the supporters of Question 4 do not believe their own polls, which claim that Maryland voters support in-state tuition subsidies for illegal aliens by over a 2-to-1 margin. Otherwise, why would they spend big bucks to retain a prestigious election-law lawyer like Sandler, and make Help Save Maryland’s modest radio buy newsworthy?

  2. Reblogged this on No title necessary and commented:
    The Joey the “POT & KETTLE” Sandler when it comes to arguing ‘for/against’ Free Speech.

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  4. […] he demanded an investigation of Help Save Maryland’s Brad Botwin for posting ads about the DREAM Act. He will lose that one […]

  5. […] he demanded an investigation of Help Save Maryland’s Brad Botwin for posting ads about the DREAM Act. He will lose that one […]

  6. […] he demanded an investigation of Help Save Maryland’s Brad Botwin for posting ads about the DREAM Act. He will lose that one […]

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