Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 29, 2012

Showing themselves by their candidate choices

Why would anyone want to trumpet their choices for candidate for public office when the choice puts a lie to their previously stated ideological/political point of view?

Over the weekend we learned that Independent Senate candidate Rob Sobhani, who claims he has a conservative political point of view is voting for Obama?   Is Obama better for his Middle Eastern oil deals?   Or, with this recommended ballot is he just purely pandering to everyone I think the answer for Sobhani is that it is all about Sobhani!  

But, what about Washington County mover and shaker Art Callaham (husband of  Republican County Commissioner Ruth Anne Callaham) who penned his regular Hagerstown Herald Mail column yesterday about who he is voting for. For, an avowed Republican it has one particularly stunning choice (among several).    My first thought was, why should we care about Callaham’s choices?   Whatever happened to the notion of a secret ballot?   But, more importantly why is he, a supposed fiscal conservative, pandering to one of the most liberal of US Senators, Ben Cardin (see Heritage scorecard and Cardin’s 5% score, here).  And, with this ridiculous reason:

Cardin for U.S. Senate. Dan Bongino is a good person, but I’ve yet to see him deliver for this community. Sure, you’ll say he has never had the chance, but where’s he been for the past years before this election? Never heard of him until he decided to run.

So, is it all about “delivering” for Callaham?   Ol’ Ben is sure good at delivering the goodies (taxpayer-funded goodies!) as we recently pointed out here.  Basically Callaham is saying that no new fresh candidates need apply because they have to have delivered in order to be worthy of public office.

Where has Bongino been? Did Callaham even bother to look at Bongino’s bio?   He has been risking his life for Republican and Democrat Presidents for more than a decade in the US Secret Service.

Almost equally interesting is Callaham’s support of O’Malley’s redistricting plan (or more accurately his lack of interest in it one way or another) and his support of the Dream Act, but then no mention of the highly controversial gay marriage ballot question.

For new readers Callaham is a mover and shaker behind the controversial stadium plan for Hagerstown and therefore supports the pro-stadium status quo for Mayor and Council.

All in all, Callaham’s ballot choices are a statement about his “ruling class” status and not one of a man with any principles or governing philosophy.   When I first saw this column, I thought who cares who Callaham is voting for, but now I’m glad I know!  It confirms what I had previously concluded.

An afterthought!  If this is the most recent post here for the next few days, know that Frankenstorm got our cable/electricity.



  1. I screamed with anger when I read Art Callaham’s take on Dan Bongino. “Ruling class” is right. Obviously the only candidates he’s going to vote for are professional politicians who have given Washington County some goodies. What an unprincipled man.

  2. Yes. You can tell a lot about a person’s philosophy and way of thinking by noticing who they support for elected office. That a person makes a public display of their utter lack of character and common sense, such as by publicly siding with the liar and fraud in chief, our “dear leader” in Washington, DC, this settles the question for sure.
    Today’s politics are not subtle, and the differences are more clear than ever before. In a sense, this clarity makes life easy on many levels. Anyone who publicly associates with Barry, the usurper in chief, is certifiably idiotic or insane. Is there any other way to see it?

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