Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 31, 2012

Use CASA de Maryland for all your hurricane cleanup needs

Thanks to reader Doug for sending us this announcement from CASA de Maryland.

 The honest, reliable and professional workers at CASA de Maryland’s worker centers are available to help you recover quickly from damages caused due to rain, wind, snow, or any other weather event.

At CASA we are experts at responding to last minute homeowner and business labor needs, and can send workers to your home or business following the storm for any type of yard clean up, house cleaning, or repairs inside or outside the house.

Our five convenient locations are open Tuesday-Saturday, however following weather emergencies we will do our workers can get to you in a timely matter.

If you have used our workers centers before, then you already know CASA de Maryland is a non-profit, community-based organization that offers a place where potential employers can meet our excellent workers and arrange for them to go out for a day, month, or permanently for work. Because we are non-profit organization, we take no money from employers or workers for our services. As an employer, you would pay the worker directly at the end of the job.

And, LOL!, pay them directly in cash so that they don’t have to report anything to the IRS (or take out any taxes).

Read it all.

And, be sure, if you call, to ask if their workers are bonded, insured and legally in the country!

Answers anyone?   Now that I’m thinking about this, could a homeowner who uses their services be legally liable if the worker is an illegal alien and is detected as such while on the job at someone’s home?  If the illegal alien is a subcontractor, is the contractor in legal trouble?   And, also since they must not be bonded and insured, is the local government that sanctioned these centers liable if something should go wrong with the job?



  1. Unbelievable!!! don’t just ask if they have insurance, ask for a copy of the insurance certificate! You should do this with all contractors. And think of this, if the worker falls off your roof and doesn’t have insurance, he could end up owning your house!!!

    • Thanks Cathy for the advice!

  2. If they get hurt on your property, you better have good insurance!

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