Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 12, 2013

Obama 2012 victory is thanks to old black ladies; so where is the Republican Brain Trust taking America?

Right down the ol’ hopper!  Where else?

Steve Sailer writing at VDARE has a great piece about census data that tells us that the reportedly high Hispanic voter turnout is a myth.  Sailer’s analysis of the numbers is entitled:

Census Bureau Refutes “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Mantra—Obama Won Because Of Old Black Ladies (And Turned-Off Whites)

Remember the Obamaphone lady in Cleveland?

America is about to jump off the cliff with so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” simply because a bunch of Republicans are “scared out of their pants” (Rush today) that Hispanics won’t like them unless they pass the bill.


Ever since last November’s election, we’ve been hearing that Hispanics comprised a record 10 percent of the vote—which therefore obliges Republican Congressmen to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” a.k.a the Schumer-Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill RIGHT NOW.


But what if these nice, round turnout numbers provided by the Edison exit poll company weren’t true? What if the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” clamor is based on exit poll error?

What if in 2012 the Sleeping Giant of the Latino Vote didn’t actually awake—but instead rolled over and started a new siesta?

In short, what if the Main Stream Media exaggerated the Hispanic share of the 2012 vote by a factor of almost 20 percent?

Well, we now have the numbers. We now know that the suppositions behind these awkward questions are true.

Read it all!  It is a great read!

Then, just for chuckles (if it weren’t so awful to contemplate, it could be funny), you might enjoy revisiting the Obamaphone lady, here.

I’m guessing we are going to learn the hard way how Republicans came to be known as the “stupid party.”  (Ann Coulter says if the party is this stupid it deserves to die!)

Speaking of that!  Maybe some MD GOPers at next week’s Red, White and Blue dinner will ask Rep. Paul Ryan why he didn’t crunch those census numbers himself before jumping on the Gang of Eight and Grover bandwagon.

Update June 13th:  Here is another good piece, this one at TownHall—there is no immigration crisis!


  1. Baltimore lady has 30 ‘Obama phones”

  2. The ‘Obama phone lady’ worked for the Obama election campaign … but became disillusioned …

    • Thanks Henry, that is very interesting!

  3. in my opinion, we do not need immigration reform, any immigration reform put forth through this administration will do nothing more than benefit the illegals. All we need to do is enforce the immigration laws already on the books. I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t support any reform.

    • Greg, I agree, just enforce what we already have on the books!

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