Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 11, 2013

Grover has a new gig

Please see action suggestion at the end of this post!

That’s Grover Norquist, slayer of loud bullfrogs, whose gig, although not so new, is to be a leading proponent of the amnesty push.   He really stepped up his game this week by attacking Jim DeMint and the venerable Heritage Foundation just as thousands of illegal aliens led by the socialists at CASA de Maryland and the unions (why?) arrived for their Hill rally.

Gustavo (Sandinista!) Torres of CASA de Maryland! FOG (Friend of Grover) Photo: Boston Globe

Readers, sorry I haven’t posted much here lately, but I’ve been following my own advice and focusing on the refugee resettlement program where, by the way, unemployment among LEGAL immigrants is through the roof while Grover clamors for more cheap labor for his big business clients.  I also went to Washington this week to drop off some literature with Senate and Congressional staffers on immigration.

There are lots of stories over the last few days about Grover on the offense, thanks to Richard Falknor (Blue Ridge Forum) for the tweets.  I’m writing here today because I need to keep my Norquist archives up-to-date.*

And, because there is some action you can take to counteract Norquist.

Here is a good summary at the Washington Examiner of the latest on the grandstanding Grover (or is it treasonous Grover?):

A battle has been brewing in the Republican Party for some time, long before President Obama was re-elected this past November. On one side is the big business Washington establishment represented by K Street lobbyists and the Chamber of Commerce. On the other side are populist, main street, grassroots conservatives represented by the Tea Party and Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint. Few issues divide the Republican Party more clearly along these lines than immigration reform. And this week, the battle just got ugly.

Grover Norquist, who took thousands of dollars from former-lobbyist and convicted fraudster Jack Abramoff, has long been an advocate of granting amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants currently in the United States today. And National Review reports that Norquist has stepped up his amnesty campaign since Obama won four more years in the White House this November. Norquist is now hosting weekly Friday meetings with other Republican groups like the Chamber of Commerce that support importing cheap labor from other countries no matter how high the unemployment rate is.

Read it all!   Will Rubio and DeMint go toe to toe?

Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage Magazine has more, here.  Greenfield knows well that Grover is an Islamist. You will have to see our Norquist archives for more on that topic.  Greenfield begins:

Grover Norquist, champion of Islamism infiltration, is working to advance the cause of tax reform by backing an illegal alien amnesty that will impose a whopping economic burden on the country… leading to higher taxes.

The most thorough look at Grover’s leading roll in support of amnesty came on Tuesday of this week when Betsy Woodruff penned this report at National Review Online.

If you oppose amnesty you are a “bitter-ender” (huh?):

Grover Norquist is known as an anti-tax crusader, but in the coming weeks he will be just as much a pro-immigration crusader, combatting what he calls the “bitter enders” who oppose comprehensive immigration reform.

Norquist says that he’s trying to counteract the effect of “a handful of radio talk-show hosts who talk loudly.”  [LOL! Loud bullfrogs?—ed]

“The bitter-enders who are still responding to radio talk-show hosts from eight years ago haven’t noticed that the world has shifted from underneath them,” he says. “The people who need cover are the guys who are still voting like they were Pat Buchanan.”

Norquist’s group, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), is using its famous Wednesday meeting as a model for marshaling conservative activists behind an immigration overhaul. In recent weeks, Norquist and his advisers have hosted fortnightly Friday meetings for conservative leaders and pro-reform Republicans.

The meetings connect conservative-movement organizations, members of the business community, and Hill staffers — including staffers from some of the offices of members of the Senate’s Gang of Eight. In the closed-door sessions, the attendees coordinate strategy and messaging and discuss the Gang’s latest developments. While a typical Wednesday meeting often addresses dozens of topics, the Friday meeting is all about making comprehensive immigration reform a legislative reality.

The organizations that have sent representatives to the meetings include the Cato Institute, the Hispanic Leadership Network (an offshoot of the American Action Network), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Hispanic Leadership Fund.

Norquist working the Rubio staff!   Norquist is the staff’s “comrade-in-arms!”

ATR and Norquist are also in the loop on Gang of Eight talks. They get inside information on the status of the discussions, and they pass that information along to conservative leaders. They don’t directly shape the Senate negotiations, but they work to influence Republican messaging.

They’re trying to give Senator Marco Rubio’s office a little relief, at least in the public square and within the movement. Rubio’s staffers have run the conservative Republican pro-reform push almost singlehandedly in Congress, says a source close to ATR’s work, who argues that Rubio has been instrumental in nudging his colleagues behind the scenes. Norquist and his aides say they are the Rubio office’s comrades-in-arms. They don’t directly coordinate with Rubio’s office, but they do try to help shoulder the burden of pushing a controversial policy to a skeptical audience.

How about making it a little harder for the Rubio staff?

I told you earlier that I was in Washington this week, stumping on the Hill and among other things I stopped in Senator Marco Rubio’s office and asked to see his immigration staff.  Of course no one had time to see me, but I did get their names and contact information.  I also overheard the receptionists field one call after another where they promised to tell the Senator the caller’s message.

Rubio is the key:  Will he choose tea party or cocktail party?

So please call (or e-mail) Rubio’s office at 202-224-3041 and ask for these staff people, call three times if you must! 

These are Rubio’s chief advisors on immigration and surely one (or all) are being lied to by Grover.

Tell them Norquist doesn’t speak for you!

~Enrique Gonzalez, Special Counsel,

 (sorry for some reason this blog doesn’t make e-mail links hot, so please copy and paste these e-mail addresses into your browser).

~Hampton G. Ray, Legislative Aide,

~Jonathan Baselice, Legislative Assistant,

Besides telling them how you feel about amnesty for illegal aliens, and what you think of Norquist,  maybe point to this report in which Janet Napolitano predicts immigrants will turn Arizona blue (America too!).

* Remember the other day, I said each of us should focus on something. Well, someone needs to write a blog exclusively on Norquist, maybe call it Norquist Watch or something more original.


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  7. You can’ t understand Rubio until you understand Norquist…good job! BUT the missing piece is Rubio’s chief of staff, CESAR CONDA…close associate of Norquist…the two people most responsible for destroying any real enforcement. WHO is CESAR CONDA? Please find out!!
    ALSO…8 years of research on Norquist here!

    • Thanks, can’t wait to read it!

  8. Also, don’t miss this:
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    [snip]Saying all of that, I am deeply, deeply disturbed by the games being played by pro-immigration advocates on the right, including staff in Senator Marco Rubio’s office, Grover Norquist, and others.

    They are attacking other conservatives who disagree with them as racists, slavery supporters, bigots, haters, baby killers, un-Christian, etc. They are waging a coordinated attack between Senator Rubio’s office and others against conservative stalwarts like the Heritage Foundation and Jim DeMint.

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  18. About Paul Ryan….his mentor, the guy who got him into DC politics is CESAR CONDA, Rubio’s chief of staff..joined at the hip with Norquist!

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