Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 14, 2013

Obamas will have to give up the safari portion of their African adventure; Africans fear for their animals

At my other blog—Refugee Resettlement Watch—I’ve been writing about the xenophobic killings in South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, where S.A. blacks are killing immigrant blacks from elsewhere in Africa.  There are even protests in America’s two big Somali communities—Minneapolis and Columbus, Ohio—in solidarity with persecuted Somalis in S.A.

Well, we learned that the Obama clan is planning a trip this month to sub-Saharan Africa to include South Africa.  Last night came the news (from the British press) that the Safari plans were shelved when it was learned a sniper team would have to come along to kill any wild animals that might like to eat the Obamas.

Oh, and this is interesting.  S.A. Muslim lawyers want Obama arrested.

Cathy sent this to add to the story—a picture is worth a thousand words so they say!



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