Posted by: Judy K. Warner | January 24, 2013

GOP: Something is terribly wrong! What should we do?

In his usual informative, straight-shooting way, Byron York reports in the Washington Examiner in a piece called Republicans grapple with deep divisions, de-Romneyization, as RNC meets in Charlotte:

CHARLOTTE — Members of the Republican National Committee meeting here in North Carolina — a location chosen in part because it, along with Indiana, was one of only two 2008 Obama states that turned to Republicans in 2012 — are deeply divided over what ails their party.  On one end of the spectrum are those who stress the GOP’s failure to appeal to Hispanics and other minorities, arguing that the party must make fundamental changes to broaden its appeal.  On the other end are those who stress the GOP’s failure to master even the basics of voter turnout in the last election, along with the flawed candidacy of Mitt Romney, arguing that the party does not need to change its principles or message so much as learn the turnout and messaging techniques used so successfully by the competition.

I simply cannot understand why appealing to minorities means fundamental change.  Almost everything I’ve seen from official GOP types about outreach to Hispanics promotes some sort of amnesty, as if that is the issue Hispanic voters care most about.  I’m not sure what outreach to black people means to this type of establishment Republicans.  Maybe from their ill-informed perspective it means more welfare.

How about a big push in black communities to stand with them in opposing same-sex marriage? How about talking to Hispanics and every other minority about jobs and how Democrat policies are killing job creation? How about explaining what Obamacare will do to their health care? How about talking about their constitutional right to own firearms to protect themselves and their families?  Minorities aren’t some subspecies of Americans. They ARE Americans.  But I’ve noticed that establishment Republicans usually talk about minority outreach as if it’s an anthropological expedition.

Americans are somewhat self-segregated by group in what media we use, what churches we go to, and other things.  So if you want to talk to black people, get on black media, go to black churches, visit local and national NAACP events.  Do similarly for Hispanics, and any other minorities we want to reach out to.  Mostly, just tell them what you have to say and how our policies are good for them.  Be a real person, not the caricature the left paints of Republicans.  Most important, tell them we want them with us, as we’re all Americans together.  Very few minorities have heard that message from Republicans.

Byron York covers several other important issues, including a rule change that was a big deal at the convention when the Romney-initiated rule was imposed to the detriment of the grass roots.  I don’t have time now to get into these. Read the whole article; it’s not very long.


  1. I quit the party. No chance I’ll ever consider returning until they return to the Constitution and stop trying to out-Democrat Democrats. I want contrast, asked for a change in leadership many times, yet they still have top-down control and ignore the base.

  2. First of all, allow me to congratulate Judy for a great post, very thought provoking.

    Secondly, allow me to ask a question.
    Is this the same Byron York that ask Michelle Bachmann during a primary presidential election if she was submissive to her husband? If it is, I have no respect for Mr. York.

    Now, to the meat of the matter: What should republicans (who I have almost as little respect for than I do the Democrats) do?

    If I may, let me answer that question with a question: Where exactly is Hispania? Where are all these hispanics coming from? There is no Hispania. There are Mexicans, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Cubans, etc., etc. Hispanics is nothing more than a democratic party induced catch all term designed to create an avenue for the democratic party to group a bunch of people together (that have very little in common) to play Santa Claus to, to increase their voting base.

    What republicans should do is break up the classification that the democrats have created and treat everyone (whites, blacks, “hispanics”, etc., as people, not as secular entities. Just a thought.

    There is a lot more to be said on the subject, but let’s just leave it here for now.

    • Thank you, Greg. That’s a very good point. Democrats did indeed invent the Hispanic label but I don’t know if it was the Democrat Party itself or Hispanic groups closely tied to the Democrat Party like La Raza, which means The Race. That is, I think radical Hispanics saw the attention, power, and funding going to black groups and thought they could get some of that themselves. (Can you imagine if there were a white group called The Race?)

      Republicans have always treated Cubans differently from other Hispanics, since their situation was very different from other Spanish-speaking emigrants. Having escaped communism, Cubans were very aware of which party sympathized with Castro and which one stood for freedom. Their descendants aren’t so solidly in the Republican camp, probably because Republicans thought Cubans always would be Republican (thinking of them as a bloc rather than as people) and didn’t make any effort to keep them. (That’s guesswork, not knowledge, on my part.)

      In fact, if Republicans mentioned freedom once in a while it might help their cause. Nowadays it has to be explained a bit and put in the context of various policies, but most Americans will respond to the concept even if they come from cultures that don’t especially value freedom.

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