Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 22, 2013

Michelle rolls eyes at Speaker Boehner; such grace, such charm

I heard about this incident last night but never watched the clip until just now.  I had no idea it would show such blatant disdain for whatever Boehner was saying.  Go to Gateway Pundit and watch the clip of Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at a “joke” Boehner is supposed to be making.  But, the funny thing is that Boehner is not laughing as she rolls her eyes.

If I had a comedic talent and the technical skills, think what fun it would be to put words in John Boehner’s mouth as Michelle rolls her eyes.  How about: “Barack, aren’t you feeding her at the White House?” Or, “Michelle, how many calories are in that Creme Brulee?,” Or how about, “Girl, I’ve never seen anyone enjoy her food as much as you are right now!”  Maybe, “How much did that coat thing you wore today cost ya?”

And, what is that Obama is doing with his nose?

If any skilled blogger puts ‘words in Boehner’s mouth,’ please send me links!

Were you out and about yesterday, I was, and I was struck by the huge number of people just going about their business like it was any other Monday—going to work, shopping (mall parking lots were packed), eating at restaurants.  I’d like to know, who was home watching TV?

*Update* Here is Gallup on the steep drop in Inauguration viewers between 2009 and yesterday.  And, here is another report telling us that 17 million less people than in 2009 watched TV on Monday.

One final thing, I wrote a post about Obama’s new body man and Michelle’s vacation back in 2011, here, and for the life of me I can’t figure out what is so interesting in that old news that puts the post almost daily in our top-read posts.


  1. I couldn’t stomach watching the inauguration. I watched him swear to uphold the Constitution in the swearing-in ceremony – what a joke! He has complete disdain for the Constitution and the Founding Fathers’ vision for this country. As for the First Lady’s manners…don’t get me started!

  2. Obama’s inauguration speech was very depressing. It’s clear he has declared war on people who share our values. We are in for a very rough 4 years. Very rough.

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