Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 12, 2012

Minnesota Muslims being courted on gay marriage vote in that state

Minnesota has a huge Muslim population (largely Somali) because the Refugee Resettlement program of the US State Department directed them there (generous social welfare benefits) through federal contractors (mostly church-affiliated contractors) and so I found this little article interesting about how Muslims are participating politically and how they view the gay marriage debate over a Constitutional amendment there to ban gay marriage.

Here is the article in which we are told that although Islam teaches that homosexuality is wrong (in some countries where Shariah Law is the law of the land, gays are executed), some Muslims don’t want to be on the same side as people who oppose Shariah.   I just mentioned Rep. Keith Ellison in a previous post, here, and note in this story he is definitely in support of gay marriage.

Every Monday morning, Latitude News shows you how, in today’s interconnected world, news doesn’t stop at the border. This week, we’re taking a look at the growing role of America’s Muslim community in politics at home and around the world.

*   Will Minnesotans pass an amendment to their state constitution banning gay marriage? The answer to that question may well depend on the state’s 50,000 registered Muslim voters, many of whom are immigrants from Asia and Africa. Minnesotans are about equally divided on the issue and it’s shaping up to be a close vote (gay marriage is already illegal in the state). Activists on both sides of the issue say Muslims could make the difference come November, according to a report in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Star Tribune. Islam is traditionally opposed to homosexual unions but American Muslims are more open-minded about the issue, according to a national poll. And Minnesota’s more conservative Muslims worry about allying themselves with anti-gay groups, which also support initiatives banning Sharia.

Follow that Star Tribune link to the full story and you’ll see it is much more complicated with Muslims working on both sides of the issue.

Think about this.  Gay marriage is already illegal in Minnesota and now there is a credible movement to ban it altogether within the Constitution.

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