Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 12, 2012

David Craig helps lead bus caravan out of state; grassroots organizer calls him out

I know, many readers here are saying David who?  Craig is a 2014 Republican gubernatorial candidate wannabe* from Harford County, and is apparently following those erstwhile pied pipers— Maryland Republican ‘leaders’ Bob Ehrlich and Chris Cavey —- by organizing trips to Pennsylvania and Virginia to campaign for Romney.

I first asked about this bus-trip business here in August when Americans for Prosperity was pushing the plan as well. Take a minute and watch Governor Bob invite you to abandon Maryland for Virginia to campaign against Obamacare,  Say what?  What exactly is Romney’s position on the monstrosity—last I heard he was going to keep some of it.

And, how about some ‘repeal Obamacare’ buses right here in MD?  Those of you in Hagerstown who stood in line in a hot August sun a thousand deep a few summers ago at Hagerstown Community College to tell Senator Ben Cardin (a leader on Obamacare in the Senate) what you thought of the Affordable Care Act know it is a hot button issue right here, right now.   And, Cardin has a significant opponent in Dan Bongino!  Why aren’t our Republican ‘leaders’ advertising Cardin’s major role in passing Obamacare?

In what is becoming a growing chorus, one volunteer grassroots organizer for the Bongino campaign, Fred Propheter, called David Craig out in an open letter in response to Craig’s facebook invitation this week and asks, why leave Maryland when we have lots to campaign for right here?

How many MARYLAND doors are you going to drive by on your way to PENNSYLVANIA or VIRGINIA?!?!?

An open letter to David Craig and the MDGOP,

David, with all due respect, I have to respond to your invitation to send Maryland volunteers out of state to campaign.

We have 1 Senate race here with a chap you may have heard of, Dan Bongino. He is in the fight of his life right now just as we, the state of Maryland is in the fight of our lifetimes. That is why you are running for Governor, isn’t it?

There are 8 congressional races, Nancy Jacobs, I think you may have heard of her, she is running to be your representative.

Andy Harris should be pretty safe thanks to his opponent, Wendy Rosen voting in 2 states…….
Faith Loudon, Frank Mirabile, Ken Timmerman, Eric Knowles, Delegate Tony O’Donnell.

Oh yes, and the godfather of MD’s Congressional delegation, Congressman Roscoe Bartlett facing his toughest battle in 10 terms.

After the crap pulled in Tampa, you remember, the voice vote that basically silenced the TEA Party’s voice, or so they think. And the total disrespect shown to Nicolee Ambrose and the flagrant punch to Dan Bongino, not being able to address the Maryland delegation. It’s funny though, Dan was invited to address the Utah delegation before he was even ‘wheels up’ on his way to Tampa for the RNC.

Now, to address the premise of your invitation. Why is it you and the MDGOP stalwarts are so eager to send volunteers OUT OF STATE to campaign? I received an email today from Del. Michael Hough inviting me to go to VIRGINIA to door knock & phone bank. I asked him, just as I am asking you; How many MARYLAND doors are you going to drive by on your way to PENNSYLVANIA or VIRGINIA?!?!?

Chris Cavey, Louis Pope, Alex Mooney, Audrey Scott, Diana Waterman and for God’s sake the Hagerstown (supposed) TEA Party, just to name a few, are all too willing to give up on the “Old Line” state. Whenever they are called on their decisions to send volunteers out of state, they make half-assed excuses and halfhearted attempts to appease we, the masses. We, the masses that have volunteered to sometimes numerous campaigns, toiled for hours door knocking, sign waving, stuffing envelopes and the always dreaded phone banking.

IT IS AN INSULT to every hardworking volunteer who have not only invested their hard earned money in an overtaxed economy but sweat equity as well, to get emails and ‘invites’ from so-called party bosses to GO OUT OF STATE to do the same thing that NEEDS TO BE DONE HERE IN MARYLAND!!!

I am ready to cut up my Republican card and mail it back to Alex Mooney and I know a lot of people like myself!!


Fred Propheter
Volunteer for Bongino for US Senate

* I know, I know, we haven’t gotten through 2012 and the drumbeat has begun for 2014.   In a quick search just now I found two bloggers’ comments on Craig’s gubernatorial ambitions you should have a look at.  The Juicer (Maryland Juice) tells us that young Republicans favored him at a meeting earlier this summer, here.  And Richard Cross at Cross Purposes had this to say in June, one day after the Juicer weighed in.



  1. Let’s not be too quick to “tear up” the GOP card. Instead, let’s create a new “card” that we can all support. In your post, you remind us of the traitors to this state, and we should remember them when and if they have the gaul to approach us for voting in THIS state. Thank God, we have some very committed Maryland patriots who are fighting for liberty here (not to discourage those in other states from fighting in their states, as well, of course)

    Keep “calling out” those politicians who are not fighting for the good patriot candidates in Maryland now — these we must “cut loose” when they come knocking on any our Maryland doors. I’ll stand by Dan and other patriot candidates who are fighting in the Maryland. The future hope and promise of a GOP we can be proud of here rests with this type of Maryland leadership.

    I can tell you that all my efforts this term will be for the Maryland candidates who stand firm on this ‘old line’ This is where we begin to turn it around!

    Lee Havis
    Free State Patriots

  2. This presidential election is too important for the GOP not to deploy its resources strategically. If Romney were ahead by 10 points nationwide, then yes it would make sense to campaign actively in Maryland. As long as the Maryland electorate is dominated by tax consumers in Baltimore City and Montgomery and P.G. counties, the Republicans will not be competitive statewide. I have been active in Maryland Republican politics since the 1980s and sometimes it just feels good to stop beating your head against a wall. We should learn a thing or two about strategy from the left – they did not start with their current agenda in one fell swoop 40 years ago. They achieved their goals incrementally. In Maryland, that means building a strong farm team of local elected officials, then electing delegates and state senators, and then electing statewide.

    • You know Jim the Romney people screwed (sorry) the Virginia Republicans in Tampa (rule change!) with apparently no worry about pushing voters into the arms of third party candidates there, so we are supposed to sacrifice some good opportunities in Maryland to help Romney hold Virginia now?

      And, pray tell how are we ever going to build a farm team of good Republican candidates if we keep telling them there is no hope (no support, no money) and scooting off to PA or VA.

      And, were you aware that there is already almost an equal number of Republican county commissioners in the state as there are Democrats? It’s time to stop acting like losers!

  3. AFP Maryland is leaving too. I’m working on Tony O’Donnell’s campaign who is trying to take out the architect of Obamacare – Steny Hoyer – don’t forget he was the Majority Leader in the House when it was “created” and passed. I’ve only lived in Maryland for 3 but but I have not given up on Maryland. And I’m disgusted by the so called leaders who have. I’m not following them.

    Deb Rey
    Southern Maryland

    • Good for you. Now why not ask for an anti-Obamacare bus that would run around your district and remind everyone of Hoyer’s role in the monstrosity!

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