Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 2, 2012

Rail-trail opponents cry foul over Herald Mail coverage of public meeting

I’m in a daze trying to figure out how to catch up with news after 60 hours! without a computer—our cable had been out since the big storm on Friday evening and has just been restored.  I don’t know where to begin because there is so much news I’ve missed.  So one simple thing is to tell you about the Mail Calls that dominated the Hagerstown Herald Mail today by readers who claim the paper is biased in favor of building the trail.

For readers outside of Washington County, the Hagerstown Herald Mail almost daily publishes short anonymous ‘opinion’ pieces from readers and frankly it is probably the primary reason the paper is still in business!  Everyone reads them!  Today there were a batch of blasts about the coverage to date of the Washington County Commissioners’ plan to construct an expensive trail for one particular special interest group—bicycle riders.

Here is just one of the “Mail calls” today.  This one is from Keedysville, but LOL!, it isn’t me! (PTPR: I’ve added the links for your convenience).

“Your articles about the public meeting in Boonsboro are unbelievable, and completely biased toward the proponents. That room was packed full of angry homeowners who were completely opposed to the rail trail. Anyone who went to that meeting knows the truth, no matter how you try to slant it. Your article of June 22 mentioned only one person who was opposed, whereas you included in that article five people who were proponents of the proposal. Where is the truth in your journalism, Herald-Mail?”

Read all of the mail calls on the trail today, here.

Opponents send letters!

Also there are a couple of good letters to the editor published at the Herald Mail yesterday.  Click here and scroll down.  The first one is entitled ‘Rail Trail Proponents should look at numbers,’ by Bill Daly.  And, the second good letter by Craig and Lana Moore is ‘Rail Trail would cost property owners their rights.’

For those unable to attend, the Citizens for the Preservation of  Pleasant Valley audio-taped and filmed the public hearing and have kindly made those records of the above-referenced June 21 public meeting available to the public here:

Audio only podcast

Low resolution video of the entire meeting
best for PCs –
best for Apple –

For background, see our Washington County Rail Trail category, here.

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