Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 2, 2012

The heat is on Governor Martin O’Malley

Or more precisely Maryland voters in one of  the most liberal counties in the Nation have lost their cool—literally!

Here is a great article in The Atlantic questioning what sort of President Gov. Martin O’Malley would make if he can’t even get the electricity back on quickly in the Washington suburbs as residents broil in temperatures topping 90 degrees with more heat on the way.  Hat tip: Paul

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley wants to run for president in 2016, but he can’t even deal with a dismal power utility in his home state.


President Barack Obama traveled to Colorado Springs on Friday to inspect wildfire damage. Will he visit Montgomery County, Maryland? There, the nation’s worst electric-power utility is once again performing dismally in the wake of a storm. Meanwhile Maryland’s governor is Martin O’Malley, constantly mentioned — just ask him! — as the Democratic Party’s hope for the White House in 2016. Yet in six years in office, O’Malley has done nothing to address his state’s power-utility woes.

I used to live in Montgomery County and it was bad then too—30 years ago!  I remember being struck by how rare power outages were in Washington County when we first moved up here.  They still are pretty rare.

Read the many column inches about the greedy execs at PEPCO and how the Governor after 6 years in office can’t seem to budge them (assuming he has even tried!).  Indeed author Gregg Easterbrook intones:

Montgomery County, Maryland, is one of the nation’s bluest and wealthiest counties; its perennially awful power service raises the question of whether liberals can make the trains run on time.

Read it all.

More heat! Redistricting petition turned in Saturday evening

The Governor had more problems with hot voters over the weekend as we learned today that Delegate Neil Parrott and volunteers at have succeeded in turning in a surplus number of signatures to the State Board of Elections on a petition to challenge the Governor’s re-redistricting plan in the November election.

Be sure to read all about the likely third ballot initiative against O’Malley’s pet projects here at WBAL.  The two previous ballot initiatives that have already been virtually approved for November seek to overturn O’Malley’s plan for state taxpayers to subsidize the college educations of illegal aliens and his signature gay marriage law.

Easterbrook in The Atlantic wrapped up with this:

Calamity may await the Democratic Party at the polls in 2016 if O’Malley, a man who is mismanaging [h]is own state, lays a claim to running the country.

Yes indeed!



  1. I agree with the point this article makes about power outages. Governor O’Malley has been extremely incompetent on this issue. But, a Republican Governor could still do the same. I can’t say for sure because I can’t see into the future and I don’t want to speculate. Only a governor that would tell BGE and the other providers what they must do and have a forceful hand would help the people of Maryland. On providing education to “illegal immigrants” and passing gay marriage, I support the Governor. But, his business connections to Perdue and not stopping the Exelon merger among other things I am not fond of. What is really needed in Maryland is a radical Governor who will do what is needed for Maryland: break up BGE and other monopolies as the Maryland Constitution notes, remove the slot machines, increase corporate income taxes (require that all counties have some corporate income tax even if its minimal),
    increase taxes on the top 1% (remove those on the 14%, as passed in the last legislature), create a state bank and other popular measures. I do think the people should have a say on gay marriage and giving tuition to non-citizens (called the discriminatory “illegal immigrants”).

  2. Governor O’malley may be ruinig any hope he has of being President
    in 2016. He, and his liberal colleagues have passed three bills into law
    (in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, same-sex marriage, and the incredibly gerrymandered re-districting map,) all of which have been successfully petitioned by the people of Maryland to be put on the ballot in November. No one knows how those votes will come out, but, at least the people of Maryland will be making those decisions.
    Here is what the Governor’s hope of a presidency has to face:
    1. When Americans elected Barrack Obama, they had no idea what they were getting, they were all caught up in that whole “hope and change” thing, saw an opportunity to elect an African-American to prove the country not to be bigotted once and for all, and we got what we got.

    O’malley will have none of those advantages. He will not be able to hide from his record with his three bellweather laws all being successfully challenged. Nor will he be able to use the race card, being white and all.

    I hope he runs, he’ll probably be the easiest to beat.

  3. Another interesting assertion made in the Atlantic article is that PEPCO bought off WTOP after the January 2011 snowstorm fiasco with increased advertising. Cheaper to buy off the media than to upgrade the grid.

  4. I believe that Governor O’malley may very well be ruining his presidential bid for 2016. I remember that the American people elected Barrack Obama, a freshman senator with not much of a voting record, unless you count “present” as a vote. They bought that whole “hope and change” thing, and we got what we got.

    The governor will not have the luxury of anonnimity. He and his democratic cohorts tried to force in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, same-sex marriage, and the, though not illegal, extremely gerrymandered re-districting map onto the people of Maryland. All three hailed by the liberals. He has already failed. Even though we can in no way predict how the referendums will fare in November, all three laws were successfully challenged by petition.

    In liberal speak: that is not getting it done. The liberal community seems to not be very tolerant of those who fail, witness how quickly they turned on Hillary Clinton when the African-American with all that hope and change showed up.

    Besides that, there are all of us TEA party people still around to help spread the word on O’malley. I have friends in other states, and I have already began iinforming them about our Governor, I invite all of your readers to do the same.

    • My thoughts exactly…if O’Malley tries to run for Pres. there are thousands upon thousands of us ready and willing to warn the Nation about him.

  5. […] in 2010.  Poffenberger lost of course.  Think about it!  Without Parrott we would not have possibly as many as three ballot initiatives on the 2012 ballot in November allowing the citizens of the state to challenge the establishment for the first […]

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