Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 30, 2011

Montgomery County, number 2 on the list of best places for illegal aliens to live

Update:  Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum uses Dane’s piece as a jumping off point to analyze petition numbers for Montgomery County and suggests that early numbers would indicate that Montgomery County Republicans don’t seem to be in sync with the mood of the state.  [We will report back when the final county totals are in around July 20th.]

Maybe Maryland will drop off the list (hat tip: Cecil Calvert) if the referendum is successful in halting in-state tuition for illegal aliens.   Check out the tongue-in-cheek piece here written by Bob Dane, Communications Director of FAIR.

2.  Montgomery County, MD

If jobs are what attract you, then this upscale community close to our nation’s capital offers the mother of all magnets.

The first step to getting a job is to visit a Casa De Maryland (CASA) Welcome Center. Their employment specialists help you find a job and don’t give a hoot about your legal status. They will even help you acquire an IRS-issued taxpayer identification number because, of course, you’re here illegally and not eligible for a real Social Security number. This powerful organization is truly the illegal alien Welcome Wagon with $16 million in assets, $4.9M of it acquired in 2010 from government contracts!

Don’t worry about Secure Communities because the County recently opposed its implementation. And for college-bound illegal aliens, take advantage of in-state-tuition now that the state passed the Maryland Dream Act.

Just a reminder to readers, Montgomery County College has been sued for already giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens.  But, the dirty little secret is that virtually all Maryland community colleges (and possibly four year colleges) are already doing it—giving illegal aliens tax-payer supported in-state tuition—because no one asks for their citizenship papers when they enroll!

Guess we will be looking into that tomorrow…..

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