Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 29, 2011

The fact that the DNC has sent in the enforcer, tells us much!

Yesterday we reported that CASA de Maryland’s attorney, Joseph E. Sandler, had obtained possession of a computer disk containing the names and addresses of tens of thousands of Marylanders who want to see the issue of tax-payer subsidized tuition for illegal aliens on the ballot in 2012 so that voters of the state can decide the issue.

Letting the voters fairly decide is something the Democratic National Committee obviously doesn’t want to happen, or, they wouldn’t have sent the enforcer to Maryland.

[Please read my post yesterday, here, for background on Joseph E. Sandler who for more than a decade was general counsel to the Democratic National Committee]

Last evening the Annapolis newspaper, The Capital, quoted Sandler saying he wouldn’t even dream of using the list he has in his possession to intimidate anyone.

Here is the pertinent section of The Capital story:

Some petition signers are worried that their names and addresses will be made public, according to petition organizers.

“There’s a belief that this violates an individual’s sense that their decision to sign this petition is in some way respected with a minimal level of privacy – that it was just between them and the Board of Elections,” said Del. Nic Kipke, R-Pasadena, a petition organizer in Anne Arundel County.

Some Republicans spent the last few days decrying the fact that Casa de Maryland would be getting the information.

Kipke suggested that Casa de Maryland might use the information for voter intimidation or even to sell to a third party.

But Joseph Sandler, a Washington-based attorney for Casa de Maryland, said that nothing of the sort is planned.

Sandler said his client – just like the petition organizers – wants to see how elections officials decided which signatures were valid and which ones weren’t.

“The purpose is to review the decisions made by the board and determine if those were made appropriately … There’s no way in the world that we would ever use the names of people who signed the petition for any other purpose than checking if they validly signed the petition,” Sandler said.  

Here is the flaw in Sandler’s argument.  He doesn’t have possession of the original pieces of paper yet—the petitions themselves—in order to really ascertain whether simple errors were made that might disqualify a petition signer.

They have only a computer disk with names and addresses and his desire to have that screams that they plan to use it in some way.

We expect we can count on the good lawyer to keep his word and keep the disk under lock and key.  Nah……

Don’t count on it!  Joseph E. Sandler went on record in the US Supreme Court saying it was just fine to PUBLISH THE NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF PETITION SIGNERS on the internet in the case of Doe v. Reed.  See the background and lead-up to the case here.  Michelle Malkin gives us a flavor of what the hard left was capable of, here.  Joseph E. Sandler did file a brief in support of the Gay activists saying effectively that he favored full exposure of the signers to public scrutiny, here.

The Supreme Court ultimately ruled that there is no expectation of privacy when signing a petition. Justice Scalia commented that we should be tough and be willing to stand up for our beliefs publicly, and we shall!   He did say that states can individually pass laws protecting signers of petitions.   So, at this moment Sandler is within his legal rights.

Despite his reasonable sounding rhetoric to The Capital reporter, Sandler can publish your information, but he is not immune from direct responsibility should someone suffer harm due to his action.

Set up a hotline!

Organizers of the petition drive should move quickly and set up a hotline for anyone wishing to report any harmful incident they experience as a result of their personal information being in the hands of Joseph E. Sandler and the DNC.   Then, after the petition is certified, organizers should plan additional political strategies to counter Sandler and the DNC.

Their actions give them away

I’ll have more to say on revelations in The Capital piece later, but for now the takeaway for me, from the fact that the Democratic National Committee has sent in the big dog—Joseph E. Sandler, is that this is a make or break initiative for the Democratic Party in Maryland.  I also realize now that Gustavo Torres of Casa de Maryland and even Governor Martin O’Malley are only bit players in a much larger political plan to “change” America.  I don’t know who the ultimate puppetmasters are, I suspect that whoever they are they are above Obama, but we do know from Sandler’s hit list, here, that he is the enforcer.

O’Malley and Torres weren’t getting the job done and so Sandler has been called in.   I imagine some conversation in the wood shed that went something like this—HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO SCREW THIS UP SO BADLY THAT WE COULD LOSE THIS THING (IN THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF MARYLAND)!

Readers, take heart, we are smoking them out!



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