Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 28, 2011

Freedom Works gathered Tea Party activists in Washington over the weekend

From WBAL-TV (Baltimore):

WASHINGTON (CNN) — On Monday, conservative activists banded together in Washington to talk about their early 2012 electoral plans — as well as some of their early frustrations.

Some 40 grassroots leaders from across the country spoke with reporters at the headquarters for FreedomWorks, a major conservative backer of the tea party movement. This comes after a weekend “boot-camp” to train many of them on policy, social media, and campaigning – among other issues — in preparation for the 2012 presidential and congressional races. Activists have long been bent on defeating Democrats, particularly President Obama. And yet they are also determined to oust Republicans they deem not conservative enough.

They say they are discouraged with the Presidential candidates so far.

Read it all.

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