Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 28, 2011

CAIR loses tax exempt status, can anyone fill in the blanks for CAIR-MD?

CAIR is the Council on American Islamic Relations and I just learned that they have, according to Politico, lost their tax exempt status.  I’ve been busy on other issues, so hadn’t noticed the news until I got an action alert from ACT (American Congress for Truth) just now.

But, it all reminded me to find out:  whatever happened to CAIR-Maryland?  I wrote about them interfering with an FBI investigation (chronicled in the book ‘Muslim Mafia‘) in Hagerstown, MD, here, in 2009.  Although I only learned about the Islamic Society of Western Maryland trying to keep information from the FBI with the help of CAIR-MD in ’09, the incident discussed occurred in 2004.

I see now from State of Maryland Secretary of State’s office documents that CAIR-Maryland was effectively dead in 2007 when their registration with the state officially expired.

They seem to have reformed in late 2006 as CAIR (Maryland-Virginia Chapter) apparently not even waiting around for their Maryland registration expiration.

I guess they knew already that their appeal, by a prominent Washington, DC law firm, to the IRS  in May 2006 was going no where.

Of course there are lots of pieces missing from this time-line, but I wonder did attorney Joseph E. Sandler know about Maryland CAIR’s activities in Western Maryland, here, when Sandler went to bat for CAIR-Maryland with the Internal Revenue Service, here?  If so, did he care?

By the way, the umbrella group, the national Council on American Islamic Relations (the one that appears to have lost its tax exempt status recently) was mentioned this past year as being involved with Governor O’Malley’s Middle Eastern Commission that is pushing Arabic for Maryland elementary school children, here.

What a coincidence that CAIR used Sandler (the former general counsel of the DNC) again to go after Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, here.

If anyone has more pieces to the puzzle of CAIRs involvement in Maryland politics, let me know!


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