Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 11, 2011

Gov. O’Malley signs in-state tuition bill….

…..and someone is playing “Dustin” for a fool!

Yesterday, as most of us heard on the news, Governor Martin O’Malley signed into law the bill I’ve been fixated on lately that gives illegal aliens in Maryland in-state college tuition rates. New readers, see PTPR’s first post here with updates.

From the Baltimore Sun blog yesterday (reporting on a batch of bills O’Malley signed):

The in-state tuition bill was by far the most controversial measure and attracted throngs of illegal immigrants, many of whom had made repeated trips to Annapolis to show support during the legislative session.

Dustin, who did not want to give his last name because he is not in the country legally, watched Tuesday’s ceremony and posed for one of the five official photos of the bill-signing.

He said he came to Maryland from Mexico City three years ago in search of a better life, leaving his parents and family behind. Once here, Dustin said, he secured a job at a Mexican restaurant and began attending high school.

“I wanted to improve myself,” he said. Dustin said he’ll graduate from high school this year with a 3.8 grade point average and would like to enroll in college this fall — paying the in-state rate.

Opponents, however, are working hard to prevent that from happening.

Here is the harsh reality for “Dustin”

I know I sound like a broken record on this point!

The bill that Governor O’Malley signed into law will surely have state regulations drafted for its implementation.  Those regulations will have to spell out exactly how the states’ community colleges will administer the provisions of the bill.

Just focusing now on one of the requirements—the requirement that Dustin or his parents must submit proof that they filed Maryland taxes for three years.  Since Dustin’s parents didn’t slip across the border with him, that means Dustin will have to prove he paid Maryland taxes for three years while he worked illegally for that Mexican restaurant prior to his admittance to a county college.

But even before we get to the “proof” stage, Dustin will have to submit his real name to the college AND the college will have to require that he reveal his immigration status to them.  So, the college admissions office will necessarily be required to ask each student’s immigration status in order to determine which students will be required to submit proof that they (or their parents) paid Maryland taxes.  Or, I suppose they could ask every student—legal or illegal—to submit tax returns (imagine the uproar that would cause!).

I’m sure college officials will have some confidentiality requirement, but imagine too how this puts college administrators in the very uncomfortable position of, in reality, knowingly harboring illegal aliens.   I don’t know, could that be against federal law?

Spare Marylander!

Yesterday, in a statement (in both English and Spanish) on his blog, Governor O’Malley said, “…..there is no such thing as a spare Marylander.”  What he really means is there is no such thing as a spare Democratic voter which is what this is all about!  How long do you think O’Malley or Obama would be out stumping for illegal aliens if they came to the US and voted Republican—those borders would be sealed in a heartbeat (with moats and alligators to boot!).

So who is playing “Dustin” (a prop in a photo-op) for a fool? 

If his life story is as reported in the Baltimore Sun blog is accurate, he likely won’t be benefiting anytime soon from in-state tuition.

Who then is playing “Dustin” for a fool:

____Casa de Maryland?

____Senator Victor Ramirez and his friends in the legislature?

_____Progressive Maryland?

_____The Baltimore Sun?

____Gov. Martin O’Malley?

____Pres. Barack Hussein Obama?

____All of the above?

You see, this is a win-win for Maryland’s Progressive Left (or so they think).  They really didn’t get much (how many “students” can jump through all the hoops in the bill) for “Dustin” and his cadre of young Maryland illegal aliens, but Dustin thinks they did.  And, if conservative opponents should succeed in getting this law over-turned through referendum, the Leftwing PR machine will say that those mean haters on the racist Tea Party Right are responsible for depriving struggling “new Americans” of a college education.

But…this is where O’Malley and his comrades have miscalculated:   they have handed conservatives a clear issue to rally around, a reason to build a massive list, to organize precincts and be ready for 2012.


  1. YES, this is a massive issue that strikes to the very chord of who we are as law biding citizens. In light of Obama’s mocking speech yesterday regarding putting alligators in moats at the border ..yet SO many of our citizens are WITHOUT work struggling while so many illegals continue to work because our government not only allows it but encourages it..ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION will be the #1 rallying issue that unites us CITIZENS, regardless of party!!! O’Malley, you are dead wrong on this one…

  2. We should be thanking Governor O’Malley for energizing the conservative base by giving us a rallying point issue that most Marylanders will easily understand. As long as we can get the referendum on the ballot in 2012 it will be a winner for us. I mailed back my first batch of signed petitions yesterday and I’ll be at a meeting tonight where I expect that I’ll be able to get 20-40 more. Keep circulating those petitions, folks.

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  4. […] by illegal alien props.  Check out the post I wrote at the time where one O’Malley prop (a kid with the fictitious name “Dustin“) admits he entered the US on his own steam three years ago without any parents—not as […]

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