Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 27, 2012

Court hears “Dream Act” case today, Sandler goes unnoticed again

The Anne Arundel County Circuit Court heard CASA de Maryland’s case today that seeks to deprive Maryland voters of the opportunity to decide whether they wish to subsidize the college educations of illegal aliens in the state.

CASA and unnamed plaintiffs (illegal aliens!) are trying to keep the so-called Dream Act off the ballot in November after 130,000 signatures were collected asking that the law be subject to a referendum.

Gov. O’Malley happily signed the bill last spring surrounded by illegal alien props.  Check out the post I wrote at the time where one O’Malley prop (a kid with the fictitious name “Dustin“) admits he entered the US on his own steam three years ago without any parents—not as a young child as propagandists would have you believe—and is now demanding we subsidize his college eduction.

Here is the WBAL/AP story today:

Attorneys have given arguments about whether a Maryland bill to allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrants under certain circumstances should be put to voters in November.

Joseph Sandler, who argued on behalf of the measure’s supporters, said Friday the bill is not subject to a referendum because it involves funding of state government programs.

“Just as any bill that provides for the state’s operations is not subject to referendum because it cannot be interrupted, this is that kind of situation,” Sandler told WBAL News after today’s hearing.

I find it so interesting that no reporter ever comments on who Sandler is!  See his photo at the story—just your average baggy-suited old lawyer-looking guy, right?  Here is the caption:

Joe Sandler, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, leaves the courthouse after today’s hearing.

Just “one of the attorneys!”   Underscoring how important this case is to the hard Left, CASA is represented by the long-time general counsel of the Democratic National Committee!   I have an entire category on Sandler* here at PTPR with 27 posts on the guy you might call the DNC’s hitman or silencer.    Here is a little rundown of his bio I put together last summer:

Harvard-educated Sandler is well-known for his role as a “silencer” as we noted in a post here in June.

~Sandler tried to silence Glenn Beck—to keep him from talking about Van Jones.

~Sandler silenced those clamoring in 2008 for Obama’s birth certificate.

~Sandler tried to silence Robert Spencer and keep him from talking about Muslim extremists.

~Sandler tried to silence the real Tea Party with the dirty trick of setting up phony Tea Parties.

~Sandler was involved in legal challenges to silence critics of gay marriage (by endorsing the plan to post all their names on the internet and thus subject them to potential harassment).

~Sandler is trying to silence those who want photo IDs for voting.

So you see CASA de Maryland, O’Malley and the Democratic Party cannot afford to lose this in Blue Maryland.  Consequently the Washington, DC big dog Sandler was in Annapolis today.

Now back to the WBAL story.  Lawyers for the defendants (which includes asked why some of the plaintiffs are anonymous and here is what the court heard:

The plaintiffs in this case include CASA of Maryland and several illegal immigrant students whose names are listed as John Doe and Jane Doe.

Lawyers for the petition drive argued that those anonymous plaintiffs  should not have legal standing to bring the lawsuit.

Another attorney for the plaintiffs, Brett Marston, argued that the students remained anonymous because they feared retaliation from anti-immigration activists.  Marston mentioned the group Help Save Maryland by name. Marston noted the Southern Poverty Law Center has called Help Save Maryland a “nativist extremist” organization.

Birds of a feather!

Everyone knows that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group that uses thuggish tactics on anyone or any group it disagrees with.  They are the masters of personal destruction.  Indeed, Sandler himself, as I pointed out above, is famous for his intimidation tactics.   So, it is understandable that these two—Joseph Sandler and the Southern Poverty Law Center— have teamed up to call other groups “extremists.”  And, they assume since they use intimidation, we would too!

Finally, Sandler and O’Malley are rich guys, maybe they could pay for “Dustin’s” college education out of their own deep pockets instead of stealing from hardworking Americans (the 99%!) to pay for their new Democrat voters.

LOL! If Dustin would announce that he was planning on becoming a Republican, that would be the end (de pronto!) of his subsidized college education!

*  When you review the posts on Sandler, be sure to note his connections to the now defunct CAIR Maryland.


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