Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 20, 2011

Drinking the juice (oops! kool-aid) in Maryland

It’s important that everyone understand the opposition and one way for Maryland Tea Partiers to do that is to read ‘Maryland Juice’ from time to time (even consider subscribing!).

Last week I reported on blogger and political consultant David Moon’s involvement in stirring up opposition (and thus attempting to interfere with our Constitutional right to free speech) in the case of Fred Grandy’s invitation to speak at a REPUBLICAN event.

Now he/they are trying to tell the MD GOP how to run the party and suggest that Chairman Alex Mooney has somehow cooked the books.  Check out the story here where Republican Dwight Patel very effectively rebuts their original story.

It looks like DC resident David Moon became the ‘Juice’ person in August and we agree that he surely has the right to free speech (LOL! I guess unlike the Grandys).  So read what he has to say and it will give you some idea of where the Leftist Maryland/DC mind is at the moment.   David’s e-mail address is if you wish to communicate (politely!) with him.


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