Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 23, 2011

Good article at the Baltimore Sun on petition drive

I know, I’m two days late getting to this, but better late than never.

From the Baltimore Sun two days ago:

The red-and-white placards outside the Motor Vehicle Administration office in Frederick strike some as an invitation: “Sign petition here. No in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.”

One after another, supporters walk up. Over the course of the morning, Carol Geisbert welcomes, among others, a Montgomery County mother of three college-bound teens, a truck driver named Dewey Sayers and a 28-year-old Frederick Community College student wearing a Beastie Boys T-shirt.

Two Carroll County sisters in their 60s practically skip to the table.

All are eager to get their hands on the petition.

“Just tell me where to sign,” says one of the sisters, Pat Baumgardner, who whistles as she approaches. “I got better things to use my tax money for.”

Over the past two months, volunteers such as Geisbert have fanned out across the state to gather signatures for the petition to give voters the final say on the controversial new law that extends in-state tuition discounts to illegal immigrants.

There is lots of good stuff in the article, so read it all.

Just file a tax return!

I was happy to note that the Sun reporter makes the distinction about this issue of “paying” taxes or filing a return.  Open borders advocates claim the illegals must “pay” taxes, but they need only file a tax return (the IRS does not turn people over to ICE, so they have no fear of filing)… just file a return as Identity Inc. told its illegal immigrant clients recently, here, in a hand-out obtained by PTPR.

Important note:  Taxes can be filed for previous years, even if no income was earned.

The Sun:

To qualify for the tuition break, an illegal immigrant would have to attend high school in Maryland for three years and show that his or her family had filed state tax returns.

More later on the petition drive.


  1. I just spent the day gathering signatures. It is rewarding to see the variety of Marylanders, all ages, sexes, and races, signing the petition, but the work is exhausting. As one woman said to me about this law, “It’s just not right.” And that says it all. We pay enough in foreign aid already.

    A non-signer gave the old saw about these kids were “forced” to come here and it wasn’t their fault. I politely moved on. That may be true, but it was their PARENTS who “forced” them to come here and use benefits and get education at taxpayer expense. But even if that were true, how does that translate into an obligation for taxpayers to pay for additional benefits? If they have a beef with being “forced” to come here or “worse” they didn’t know they weren’t citizens, they should have that conversation with their lying, scofflaw parents.

    Federal law says if you give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, you must also give it to out-of-state students. This means all tuition will be the same, and taxes or tuition must go up. Our university system counts heavily on higher out-of-state tuition for support.

    All that would happen from the petition is the law will be suspended until the voters get to decide. The ACLU is hysterical, and I think they are trying to disenfranchise voters by their complaint. They have lost the meaning of civil rights, which are for citizens, and human rights, which are for others.

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