Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 21, 2010

Kendel Ehrlich leaves the door open to a political role for herself

Simply to save the link, I’m posting this lengthy analysis from Southern Maryland OnLine about whether Kendel Ehrlich, wife of the former governor whose own political career came to an end on November 2nd, might consider a political run herself.  The article very thoroughly examines her strong points and weak points should she make a run for public office.  It begins:

ANNAPOLIS (December 17, 2010) — It was election night, and the losing candidate for governor devoted several minutes of his concession speech to the woman standing behind him on stage.

“I married the right girl — Kendel Ehrlich — trust me,” Bob Ehrlich said. “She loves politics, college football, and golf, you know, come on.”

That night, former governor Ehrlich said that his own political career was coming to a close. But what of his wife, a political enthusiast herself? Would she pick up the torch and run for a seat?

Those acquainted with her over the years — as well as GOP leaders in the state and Anne Arundel County — said she has all the qualities of an electable candidate. And some say they’d like to see her run.

Read it all and file it away for future reference.

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