Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 3, 2010

Dr. Wargotz drops out of MDGOP race, Amedori out too

They are dropping like flies!

Daniel Vovak writing at Montgomery County Daily reported today that Dr. Eric Wargotz who most recently ran for the US Senate seat in Maryland against Barbara Mikulski has withdrawn his name from consideration for the top slot.   Please read his statement at Montgomery County Daily (which I am adding to my blogroll) and be sure to see the comments.

One commenter who wished to remain anonymous says the MDGOP sure doesn’t need a “rabid dog” running it.  Now I am dying to know who is the rabid dog, Mr. Anonymous is worried about?

Amedori out too!

Michael Swartz at Monoblogue is reporting that Carmen Amedori has withdrawn as well.  So Michael, when are you going to re-do your odds on the horse race now that Amedori is out?   Readers, yesterday Alex Mooney confirmed that he is in and Andrew Langer dropped out, here.

And, I am looking forward to Mr. Swartz’s post(s) on the questionnaire even if only Sam Hale (the Tea Party candidate) has answered it.


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