Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 9, 2010

Progressives urge O’Malley to go Left

None of this moderation or moving to the center for Maryland Progressives—they feel that the recent trouncing of Bob Ehrlich in the gubernatorial contest is a greenlight to go farther Left.  You go guys!

From an opinion piece in the Baltimore Sun:

In one of the biggest years for Republicans ever, Maryland’s incumbent Democratic governor did even better than four years ago, and the Democrats picked up seats in the state Senate.

Some moderate Democrats will no doubt try to argue for a turn to the center. But the biggest lesson from the last four years is that Gov. Martin O’Malley didn’t trounce his challenger by competing for middle-of-the-road bragging rights. His signature accomplishments in his first year included making Maryland the first state in the nation with a living wage requirement for state contracts and passing a once-in-a-generation package of revenue raisers that was extremely controversial — even unpopular — at the time, but put the state on more solid fiscal footing to weather the recession.

He went on to support a millionaire’s tax and expand workers’ right to choose to join labor unions. He stood up for civil rights for new Americans and gay Marylanders at a time when demagogues on the right exploit those issues to sow division. He fought for Chesapeake Bay protections in spite of criticism that he was being “anti-business.”

Maryland progressives can now put the pedal to the metal and move full speed ahead.

The major conclusion from Tuesday’s election is that while the nation has shifted into neutral, condemned to two years of partisan paralysis and positioning, Maryland is poised to continue its forward progress.

I agree wholeheartedly, go full speed to the Left and as blogger Michael Swartz, writing at Monoblogue says, “I hope he fails.”   Failure will be assured if he listens to Progressive Maryland.

Progressive Maryland website is here.   I recommend all Tea Partiers sign up and get all their news you can use!


  1. I especially hope he fails in turning Maryland farther to the left. We would be where California is by the end of his term.

    Essentially the only reason we aren’t there now is that we’re propped up by proximity to Fedzilla.

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