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All the background you need on Thomas Perez at Discover the Networks

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, racial agitator

One of David Horowitz’s many valuable projects is Discover the Networks: A Guide to the Political Left.  It’s a big database on everything leftist: people, groups, issues, jihad, funders, politics, art and culture, and more.  Yesterday I posted on Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and his stirring up of racial strife, and today I got an email from Discover the Networks with a link to its page on Thomas Perez, probably because he’s in the news.   The page includes a long narrative of his history, including his many despicable radical actions.  Here’s a very brief summary at the top of the page:

  • Served in the Department of Justice (DOJ) during the Bill Clinton administration
  • Was appointed by President Barack Obama to be Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division
  • Greatly expanded DOJ’s prosecution of alleged hate crimes, which he depicts as a predominantly white-on-black phenomenon
  • Views “disparate impact”—i.e., instances where particular policies affect whites and nonwhites unequally—as prima facie evidence of discrimination
  • Depicts America as a nation rife with injustice against groups such as women, nonwhite minorities, and immigrants
  • According to the American Spectator, “Perez has overseen most of the unprecedentedly naked politicization of DOJ’s Civil Rights Division.”
  • Became U.S. Secretary of Labor in September 2013

There’s also a sidebar listing relevant articles and documents, such as Inspector General Report on Racialist Dysfunction Inside DOJ
By J. Christian Adams, March 12, 2013.

Any time you want to know about some leftist individual or group, or who is funding them, you’ll find a wealth of information at Discover the Networks.

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Thomas Perez stirring up racial strife

It’s no surprise to see this piece in the New York Post today: Why the Obama administration sees racism everywhere.  From the article:

Less known, however, is the role of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, who’s made incendiary — and shamefully disingenuous — statements about race relations in America.

Last month, for instance, Perez told hundreds of black students in Washington, DC, that school authorities in the South recently had black high-schoolers arrested for infractions as innocuous as fashion faux pas and farting.

He made the shocking allegation during a July 15 speech he delivered at Howard University.

Author Paul Sperry shows that’s a complete lie.  He goes on:

There’s only one explanation: To rile young African-Americans up about the specter of a still-racist America. (Requests to Perez’s office for comment went unanswered.)

School administrators aren’t the only people Perez has framed as racists. He’s also railroaded dozens of banks, including Bank of America and Wells Fargo, for alleged lending discrimination.

From 2009-2013, he used a discredited civil-rights theory known as “disparate impact,” which relies on statistics to prove racism, to extort huge settlements from bankers and mortgage lenders, whom he’s compared to Klansmen.

We have a big archive on Tom Perez, here.  He’s a leftist racist activist from Maryland, deeply involved with CASA of Maryland, the illegal immigrant promotion group.  In his previously position a crony of Eric Holder in the Justice Department, he engaged in some nasty activities. From a July 2013 post:

The whistleblowers claim that Perez and his senior staff “began a widespread campaign” of discriminatory treatment against disabled employees as well as other employees “based on race; gender; age; and/or parental status.” The employees who opposed this discrimination were “subjected to an exceptionally hostile work environment and unlawful retaliation.” The whistleblowers include African-American, Hispanic, and female employees.

What is most startling in the allegations is the reason given for the discrimination: “the Perez actions were directed at preserving the positions of political appointees who have ‘burrowed’ into [the] Civil Rights Division through Perez’s patronage.”

“Tom Perez is more than just some left-wing ideologue. He’s a left-wing ideologue who appears perfectly willing to bend the rules to achieve his ends,” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said before voting against Perez.

Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 30, 2014

A report that Republican candidates would do well to heed

Editor’s note:  This is cross-posted from Refugee Resettlement Watch, which has been keeping me busy for months!  And, where the ‘unaccompanied alien children’ border surge has made July 2014, RRW’s top month (in terms of readership) since its launch in 2007.


Back in February, the Eagle Forum produced a report that could serve as a blueprint for any Republican running for office about how campaigning on the issue of  reducing immigration numbers (yes, even LEGAL immigration) is a winner.

And, it isn’t just about winning the election, but saving the Republic.

The report went largely unnoticed by the establishment Republican Party (they probably actually panned it, but I haven’t the time to search).

In fact, the hard core establishment Republicans are largely influenced by the likes of Grover Norquist and his ilk (here and here) who are in the business of promoting the idea of needing laborers (cheap labor) for their big business clients.  It is about the almighty dollar for many of the so-called leaders of the Republican Party.  (The Democrats too, it’s just that they have that humanitarian white hat firmly planted on their heads and they have another interest as well—reliably leftwing voters***.)

Now to make it easier for all of us to get the salient points from the report, Paul Nachman at VDARE has a post today on the main messages in the report (even more timely now than when it was released in February) and has taken the time to select key bullet points for us.

Here is Nachman and a bit from the report—

To impress obdurately clueless Republican candidates and supporters of what’s at stake, here’s the concluding thought in both the full report and the two-page excerpt from it:

The GOP faces a choice: It can either change its position on legal immigration or it can change its position on almost every other issue.

And then this from the excerpts:

A comprehensive review of surveys in immigrant communities showing their support for big government

A large volume of survey data show that, in general, immigrants and their adult children are significantly more liberal than the average American voter on a host of policy issues, including the size of government, Obamacare, affirmative action, gun control, greater environmental regulation, and other issues championed by the Left …

Because immigrants and their adult children overwhelmingly favor big government, there is no issue more important for conservatives than reducing the future number of legal immigrants allowed into the country each year. Otherwise, legal immigration will continue to add millions of liberal voters every decade, making it extremely unlikely that conservatives will be successful on all the issues they care about.

Read it all!

Going to a political campaign event in August?

So the next time you hear someone, especially a Republican candidate for public office say, ‘I’m all for legal immigration, it’s illegal that I oppose,’  I want you to remember this report (new immigrants vote for Democrats who promise them stuff!) and remind them that most of those illegal aliens streaming across our border at this very moment will soon be LEGAL immigrants one way or another—quickly through an executive amnesty or more slowly in the legal asylum process. 

Ask:  are you for that too?

***  We have said it time and again—for Democrats, immigration (legal and illegal) is about turning red states blue.



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Conservative posters

We don’t usually do advertising on this blog, but a reader sent me his website, Right Posters, and I thought you readers might like to see what he has to offer.  Here are a couple I especially like, but there are hundreds of good ones.

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Another immigration resolution, from Texas

Here is another resolution from League City, Texas, sent by Cathy.

RESOLUTION NO. 2014-_______



 WHEREAS, the citizens of League City, Texas recognize their duty as law-abiding citizens to act in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution, and agree that their right to life, liberty, and property shall not be infringed; and

WHEREAS, the federal government has failed to protect the homeland in accordance with Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, Texas has the right and obligation to protect its citizens in accordance with Article 1, Section 1 of the Texas Constitution:

 Freedom and Sovereignty of State.  Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States, and the maintenance of our free institutions and the perpetuity of the Union depend upon the preservation of the right of local self-government, unimpaired to all the States.

And is supported by Article 1, Section 29 of the Texas Constitution:

 Provisions of Bill of Rights Excepted from Powers of Government; To Forever Remain Inviolate. To guard against transgressions of the high powers herein designated, we declare that everything in this (Texas) “Bill of Rights” is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate, and all laws contrary thereto, or to the following provisions, shall be void.

WHEREAS, the citizens of League City Texas are greatly concerned regarding the ongoing massive influx of illegal aliens seeking unauthorized entry to the United States; and

WHEREAS, it is estimated that more than 90,000 minors will arrive in the United States during the 2014 fiscal year and an additional 145,000 illegal alien minors in 2015 fiscal year, with most expected to remain in Texas cities and communities; and

WHEREAS, the leaders of League City question the impact that the sudden influx of school-age illegal minors will have on our Independent School Districts’ (ISD) educational funding, school resources, campus security, and health safety for our children; and

WHEREAS, health advisories report that many illegal aliens suffering from diseases endemic in their countries of origin are being released into our communities; and

WHEREAS, the federal government is actively seeking more locations within Texas towns and counties to accommodate the unprecedented overflow of illegal aliens and unaccompanied minors; and

WHEREAS, the increasing volume of illegal aliens is already bankrupting some cities and counties in the State of Texas by overwhelming the local medical, educational, law enforcement, and judicial systems; and

WHEREAS, members of dangerous transnational criminal organizations and radical Islamic terror groups continue to exploit the situation to infiltrate the United States for the purpose of establishing criminal activity, terror cells, and training operations within our homeland; and

WHEREAS, without a secure border Texas cities and communities cannot protect the health and safety of their citizens;


Section 1. That all agencies of the City of League City are instructed to refuse requests or directives by federal agencies to permit or establish any facility for the purposes of processing, housing, or detaining any illegal aliens, designated as “refugee” or otherwise.

Section 2. We hereby appeal to our state legislators and elected officials for action and accountability to urgently address the continuing influx of illegal aliens across our border.

  • Through State executive and legislative actions demand that the Federal government provide additional resources for new and/or existing Border Patrol checkpoints, and employ a contiguous physical barrier where strategically prudent.
  • Demand the Texas State Legislature to enhance state smuggling and human trafficking laws, and provide civil liability protections for Texan landowners against criminal trespassers.
  • Demand the Texas State Legislature abolish any and all state-controlled or sponsored magnets that exacerbate the problem of rampant illegal immigration, such as (but not limited to): in-state tuition subsidies, welfare benefits, and free non-emergency health care for illegal aliens.
  • Require the State to perform a cost/benefit analysis of the illegal alien presence and report that cost to Texas taxpayers and state agencies.
  • Pass legislation to prohibit “sanctuary cities” which restrict law enforcement from determining the immigration status of detainees after the commission of a crime within our communities.

Section 3. That civic responsibility demands that community and state leaders begin crisis planning immediately to address the unprecedented wave of foreign minor school age children that could be enrolled in Texas schools this summer; and

Section 4. That the City of League City, State of Texas, calls on other communities and jurisdictions to join with us in this action by passing similar Resolutions.

 Section 5. That copies of this Resolution be immediately transmitted to the Governor of the State of Texas; the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Texas’ legislature; each individual legislator that represents our City in the State of Texas; the Commissioner’s Court of Galveston County; and the Sheriff of Galveston County.

 PASSED AND APPROVED on the _______ day of July, 2014.

Posted by: Judy K. Warner | July 20, 2014

A resolution to protect Maryland citizens

I’m reposting here a comment made to my last post,   The idea of getting states, counties, or local governments to officially stand against the federal government’s imposing illegal immigrants on them is a good one and should become a movement across America.

Lee Havis of Free State Patriots wrote:

The issue of unrestrained (invasion) of illegal aliens into Maryland is a serious issue of arbitrary federal power in violation of the US constitution, which is also the supreme law in Maryland. Any government agency or official who collaborates with or facilitates this type of tyranny is NOT protecting Maryland citizens, and acting in a traitorous way against our basic laws and fundamental constitutional freedoms and rights to secure borders, which is vital to any sovereign country. Richard Rothschild, in his recent Fox News interview brilliantly laid down the basic points required of any Maryland patriot to stand against this federal lawless tyranny, which I have sought to articulate the main points in a “resolution”. This document could be presented for consideration to any city, county government, or other entity of public interest, such as central committees, citizen and patriot groups of one sort or another. Here it is: Resolution to Protect Maryland Citizens from the Arbitrary Power of the Federal Government to Allow Unrestrained Entry of Illegal Aliens into the United States.

The United States has well-established national borders, within which citizens and other persons must comply with the authority of the US constitution and laws of the federal and state governments, and

The US congress has established limits and regulations to control the entry into the United States from outside these borders through such means as travel visas, passports, and immigration laws, and

The US constitution provides that under Article IV, section 4, the federal government shall “protect states against invasion”, and under Art. II, Section 3, that the executive of the federal government will “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” and,

The Maryland Declaration of Rights, Article 2, upholds the US constitution as supreme law in the state, and

The federal government, through arbitrary power of executive order, contrary to its own immigration laws, has established a policy and practice of unrestrained entry and release of certain classes of illegal aliens, such as so-called “unaccompanied minors”, and

In furtherance of this policy of unrestrained entry and release of illegal aliens, in 2014, the federal government has begun to disperse large numbers of these aliens in the various states, seeking local and state collaboration with this unlawful and unconstitutional activity, and

There is no rational basis or emergency to justify such extraordinary violation of immigration laws at the present time, since there are ample, practical, and less extreme means to protect aliens who claim refugee status at a location within or next to the borders of their own country of residence,

THEREFORE, Be it now hereby resolved, that:

The state of Maryland shall protect its citizens from the financial burden and danger of complying with the arbitrary power of the federal government that pursues the entry and release of illegal aliens in the state by refusing to provide funds, services, or any other form of collaboration to maintain or support the unlawful presence of such illegal aliens in the state.

The state of Maryland also urges the federal government to enforce its immigration laws against the unlawful entry of persons into this country, such as by returning illegal aliens found in this country to their country of origin, or next contiguous country in case of undue physical peril on claim of refugee status.

Approved by

Name of organization
Prepared by: Lee Havis, Free State Patriots,


Posted by: Judy K. Warner | July 20, 2014

St. Vincent’s in Maryland is getting 50 immigrant children

A confidential informant sent me a memo from St. Vincent’s Villa at Dulaney Valley in Timonium, Maryland; it is copied below (the bold type is my emphasis).  St. Vincent’s is part of Catholic Charities.

To: All St. Vincent’s Villa Staff

From: Ezra Buchdahl

Re: Potential New Program Opportunity

Date: July 16, 2014

As a follow-up from Bill McCarthy’s letter regarding our interest in seeking a federal grant to operate a shelter care program for unaccompanied youth, I want to clarify a few things.  First, this is currently not public information and we are asking employees to please keep this among themselves for the time being.  If we are fortunate to receive this grant and expand our residential program to serve this new population, this program will reside in our Dulaney Valley building but will not change the plan to consolidate our RTC program into the Pot Spring building in approximately a year.  However, the implications for many of our staff who were at risk of not having a position as a result of the consolidation are great.  In fact, keeping the Dulaney Valley building open would require us to hire more staff (many of whom will need to be fluent in Spanish) and make some environmental changes/improvements to the units that have been vacant for some time as well as other spaces.  The impact for non-residential staff who are housed at Dulaney Valley is yet to be determined.

If we receive the grant, we will likely have about 50 youth at any given time housed in 5 units.  The average length of stay is about a month and there are many clinical, educational, recreational, medical and case-management components.  We plan to offer intensive Spanish instruction for current staff interested in working with this program.

While there is much political positioning and disagreement at the moment around how to address this national issue, the fact remains that there are thousands of children that have been through much trauma who need to be taken care of while they are here, and that is what we do best.  This is a very exciting opportunity for our program and agency that  fits well with our mission,  values and the expertise of our staff to care for traumatized youth in need.

If you have any questions/concerns or have a particular skill or interest in working with this population, please let us know.

Thank you.

Postscript: My informant tells me they did receive the grant.

Second postscript: Learning Spanish might not enable the staff to communicate with the immigrants.  See Ann’s post at Refugee Resettlement Watch here:




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New petition on Bathroom Bill

I got this email from Neil Parrott and MD Petitions yesterday:

Dear Judith Warner,

The results are in and is working to help you bring back common sense back to Maryland.  98% of the respondents on the survey indicated that we should work to take the “Bathroom Bill” – deceptively named the “Fairness For All Marylanders Act” –  to referendum so that Marylanders can make the final decision regarding the bill this November.

The first step has happened: has launched the petition effort.  Now it’s your turn.  If you care about this common-sense issue, you can do something about it. Please start by signing the petition today.

If this bill takes effect, your right to privacy in private facilities will become null and void.

Parents should be able to send their young girls into the women’s bathroom and have the expectation that there will only be women or girls in that bathroom. Now, under this bill, there could be men in the women’s bathroom, and it opens the door for predators to take advantage of this bill. Predators will be able to go into the opposite gender bathroom, and proprietors would not be able to deny them access to that bathroom. Furthermore, that proprietor could be successfully sued if he DID deny them access. The bathroom rules that we’ve had and followed for generations are now null and void.”


Please help.  By working together we can get this privacy issue on the ballot, and then overturn this bill in November.  

Many Marylanders are now asking, “Where are my rights?  How is this fair to me that I don’t have the right to privacy anymore, that I can no longer use the bathroom I’ve been assigned with assurance that only members of the same sex will be in the bathroom?” The “Fairness For All Marylanders Act” is not fair.

To be successful, will need to collect 18,579 valid signatures to meet the May 31st deadline, and a total of 55,736 valid signatures by June 30th.  In order to make sure we have enough valid signatures, our goal is to obtain 25,000 signatures by the end of May and a total of at least 75,000 by the end of June.

Will you help and go to right now and sign the petition?  All you need to do is put in basic information and our system will generate a personalized form for you.  Then you just need to download it, print it, sign and date as yourself, and thensign and date as the circulator, and mail it to us.  The whole process only takes a few minutes.

You can also download a volunteer packet here so that you can help your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to sign it too.

Please act now to help stop Maryland’s “Bathroom Bill” from becoming law.


Delegate Neil Parrott, Chairman

P.S. – Please sign the petition at

P.P.S – Running a petition drive is expensive.  Please consider helping us with a donation ( of $25, $50, $100, $250, or whatever you can afford right now so we can get the petition to more people and get this dangerous law on the ballot.  Thank you for your support!

Here’s a handy scorecard from MD Petitions.  It’s based on votes on these bills over the past four years by every delegate and senator in the Maryland legislature:

SB 167 (Dream Act 2011)

HB 226 (Windmill Bill 2013)

SB 1 (Congressional Redistricting 2011)

SB 276 (Death Penalty Repeal 2013)

HB 438 (Same-Sex Marriage 2012)

SB 422/HB 667 (Mandatory Union Fees 2013)

HB 987 (Rain Tax 2012)

SB 281 (Gun Bill 2013)

SB 1 (Gambling Expansion 2012) 

SB 212 (Bathroom Bill 2014)

HB 1515 (Gas Tax 2013)B 364 (Marijuana Decriminalization 2014)

Click on a delegate or senator and you’ll get not just the score, but his or her vote on each bill with links to the text of each bill.  Also contact information for each legislator.  This is an impressive piece of work and it should prove valuable in this year’s election campaigns.

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Last chance to stop the “Bathroom Bill”

Today I received a followup email from Delegate Neil Parrott to his email from MD Petitions that I posted last week.  The bill passed the Maryland Senate and is now in the House of Delegates.

Can you take a few minutes right now to

stop the “Bathroom Bill”?

 SB 212/HB 1265, the “Bathroom Bill”, could receive a vote in the House Health and Government Operations (HGO) Committee any day nowYour voice right away could help make the difference and stop this dangerous bill from passing.

This bill is dangerous because it creates a wide open opportunity for a man to pretend to be a woman, enter the women’s restroom, shower room, or locker room, and endanger women and girls.  Conversely, a woman could do the same to the men’s room, eliminating the privacy of men as well.

It is reasonable to be concerned.   In Texas, Paul Ray Witherspoon entered the ladies’ room at a Dallas hospital as “Paula Witherspoon” – with a prior record of sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child.  In fact, Witherspoon was still on parole.  Legally, Witherspoon was still male.

Just last month in Canada, Christopher Hambrook was jailed for sexually assaulting two women.  Hambrook found his victims at two Toronto shelters after checking himself in, claiming to be a transgender woman.  This was a man with a previous criminal record.  Claiming to be a transgender woman was his ticket to an easy supply of victims.  In Maryland, if this bill passes, men like Witherspoon and Hambrook would be allowed in women’s restrooms.

If you object to that possibility, please take a moment to call your delegate(s) or use our new, easy email feature to send them a pre-filled email urging them to vote against SB 212/HB 1265.  Please also think about asking friends or family members to call/email right away too, this can easily be performed by using the share buttons at the bottom of this email

It is very important that you call and email your legislators TODAY since a committee vote in the House could be taken at any time.

Last week many people alerted us to the fact that our temporary link to contact the House committee was not always working.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We have been working to make it easier for you to contact your legislators, and our new contact page is now up and ready to use.  Simply click HERE, fill in your information, edit the pre-filled email to make it fit your sentiments, and send it.

Together, we have to make sure our legislators in Annapolis know that we passionately oppose this threat to our safety and privacy, and that we will be watching how they vote.  We will also remember, and make sure that our friends and family remember, when we go to the polls later this year.

Thank you for caring about our state.  I look forward to working with you to try to bring common-sense back to Maryland.

Delegate Neil Parrott, Chairman

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