Posted by: Ann Corcoran | January 19, 2016

News from the Mid-Atlantic Trump team

Below is some of the information I’m getting by e-mail to keep me informed of what is happening in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Trump campaign.

Trump thumbs up red hat

I urge all of you who are supporting Mr. Trump to go to their volunteer sign-up site and register.  You will then be placed on a list to get the updates directly.  (Click here)

This is some of what I received last night:

Below is the weekly update for the MidAtlantic Team for Donald J Trump for President, Inc.
1.  Voting in Virginia begins TOMORROW!
Learn how to vote Early, Absentee here.
            What have you done to Get Out The Vote?
2.  Things to Like and Share.
            Please “like” for following Facebook pages share the following links on your social media:
            District of Columbia
            West Virginia
 Encourage EVERYONE to take the volunteer survey at
3.  Get Out the Vote 
Phone Bank from Home:  Thank you to everyone phone banking from home!  You are doing a great job.  Later this week, everyone who chose “Call from Home” on the survey will receive call lists.  If you want call lists, either take the survey today, or
6.  Mass Meetings, District Conventions, & State Convention
            The Primary is not your only chance to vote for Mr. Trump.  National Delegates for Mr. Trump are also selected in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia at the conventions.  To learn more about the meetings and conventions process, register below:
            Virginia Delegates for Mr. Trump
            Maryland Delegates for Mr. Trump



Again, please register here.

I may not always have the time to report what I’ve been sent.

Please go here and find the deadlines for registering to vote in Republican primaries in the Mid-Atlantic region, make sure your friends know that in some states those registered as Independents can NOT vote in the Republican primary.

BTW, If you support another Republican candidate, you can send me information on your candidate’s campaign in this region as well.



  1. I am a delegate candidate for the convention MD 8th and want to be a Trump delegate on the ballot.

    • Hope you contacted the campaign!

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