Posted by: Judy K. Warner | October 29, 2014

Maryland voting machines are switching Republican votes to Democrat

And the mainstream media seem inadequate to the job or reporting it.  Yesterday Meghan McCorkell at CBS Baltimore reported:

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Early voting just started last week in Maryland, but there are already accusations that some voting machines are changing Republican votes to Democrat. Now Republicans are calling for an investigation by the State Board of Elections.

As Marylanders go to the polls, there are concerns that the vote you cast may not be for the candidate you want.

“We’ve heard from scores of citizens in our district and around the state who have had this problem where they hit one button to vote for one person, and when they go to the summary they see that the other person was checked,” said Del Nik Kipke, (R) Anne Arundel County.

Republicans say they’ve received several dozen reports of Republican votes being changed to Democrat.

Del. Kathy Szeliga says it happened to her.

“I kept pushing the Republican guy’s name and the machine kept going beep, beep, beep,” said Szeliga, (R) Baltimore & Harford Co.

Now GOP leaders are calling for an investigation.

The article goes on to show that authorities are pooh-poohing the problem.  The state Election Board says they’ve received fewer than 20 reports.  Well, that’s it then — I’m sure everyone who runs into a problem immediately calls the election board.  No, they call their delegate or someone else they think would care.  That’s why Del. Nic Kipke (who isn’t just a delegate but also the House Minority Leader and noted for his constituent service) has received many times that number of complaints.

In a statement to WJZ, board officials say “election officials receive similar reports in every election. Post-election analysis has shown that this is caused by voter error. Voters with large fingers or long nails or voters who hold the touchscreen with their palm resting on the screen seem to report this issue more frequently.”

And yet the dysfunctional machines always change Republican votes to Democrat ones, never the reverse!  That’s a statistical impossibility, yet the article doesn’t come near mentioning it.  I came across a piece on Facebook, apparently from Newsmax though I can’t access the link — via Lynda Evans.  FTA:

A number of voting machines in Maryland and Illinois are electronically switching Republican votes to the Democrats, raising suspicions that fraud could be at the root of the alleged malfunction.

According to, election officials in both states have characterized the problem as a “calibration issue,” but a software developer and expert on touch screens used by U.S. intelligence agencies told Newsmax that the explanation was bogus.

“It’s a software issue, and it’s incredibly suspicious that a bug like that could slip through accidentally. It defies belief,” said Tony Heller.

He said that any expert trained in the technology could figure out within minutes whether the problem with the software was accidental and deliberate.

“This is being used by the public for voting. Public trust is essential,” he said. “It’s completely unacceptable that an official waved it off as a calibration issue. It’s something that can be easily verified and should be.”

Maryland voters in multiple locations who were placing early ballots for the midterm elections found that when they pressed the touch screen in favor of Republican candidates, their votes appeared in the Democratic columns.

Thanks, Newsmax.  That’s real reporting — telling us what we want and need to know. The CBS article concludes:

Members of the state Republican Party are calling for the state Democratic Party to join them in calling for an investigation into the machines.

That’s necessary, but more needs to be done right now.  I’d like them to seek an injunction in a federal court to stop the voting immediately and quickly assemble a team of experts approved by both parties to find the software problem and correct it (and find the perpetrators and prosecute them to the max).  This problem occurred in the last election too, but I don’t know if any investigation was undertaken afterwards.  If it’s not corrected immediately, and the Democrats show no interest in fixing it, then here is another sign we are living under a tyranny whose aim is to squeeze out all opposition.

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