Posted by: Judy K. Warner | July 20, 2014

St. Vincent’s in Maryland is getting 50 immigrant children

A confidential informant sent me a memo from St. Vincent’s Villa at Dulaney Valley in Timonium, Maryland; it is copied below (the bold type is my emphasis).  St. Vincent’s is part of Catholic Charities.

To: All St. Vincent’s Villa Staff

From: Ezra Buchdahl

Re: Potential New Program Opportunity

Date: July 16, 2014

As a follow-up from Bill McCarthy’s letter regarding our interest in seeking a federal grant to operate a shelter care program for unaccompanied youth, I want to clarify a few things.  First, this is currently not public information and we are asking employees to please keep this among themselves for the time being.  If we are fortunate to receive this grant and expand our residential program to serve this new population, this program will reside in our Dulaney Valley building but will not change the plan to consolidate our RTC program into the Pot Spring building in approximately a year.  However, the implications for many of our staff who were at risk of not having a position as a result of the consolidation are great.  In fact, keeping the Dulaney Valley building open would require us to hire more staff (many of whom will need to be fluent in Spanish) and make some environmental changes/improvements to the units that have been vacant for some time as well as other spaces.  The impact for non-residential staff who are housed at Dulaney Valley is yet to be determined.

If we receive the grant, we will likely have about 50 youth at any given time housed in 5 units.  The average length of stay is about a month and there are many clinical, educational, recreational, medical and case-management components.  We plan to offer intensive Spanish instruction for current staff interested in working with this program.

While there is much political positioning and disagreement at the moment around how to address this national issue, the fact remains that there are thousands of children that have been through much trauma who need to be taken care of while they are here, and that is what we do best.  This is a very exciting opportunity for our program and agency that  fits well with our mission,  values and the expertise of our staff to care for traumatized youth in need.

If you have any questions/concerns or have a particular skill or interest in working with this population, please let us know.

Thank you.

Postscript: My informant tells me they did receive the grant.

Second postscript: Learning Spanish might not enable the staff to communicate with the immigrants.  See Ann’s post at Refugee Resettlement Watch here:





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  2. I’m sorry. This is just wrong Wrong WRONG ! No person with a soul wants to see children suffering – but dealing with the problem in this way is quintessentially stupid, shortsighted and ultimately, suicidal for our nation. People need to get their heads out of their posteriors and see far enough ahead to recognize that by not taking immediate steps to turn these illegal aliens back to where they came from, the following will occur: Our entire nation will be totally weakened and eroded, to the point that we will no longer have ANY strength or means to help ANYONE !!! …….even our own citizens. Long lost will be any ability whatsoever, for the USA to come to the rescue of any group, local or other countries, to hep them recover from disasters. But – don’t worry – the stupid and dangerous bleeding heart IDIOTS will just feel SO good about themselves because they ‘helped the children’. Indeed, ‘helping the children’ in this case, is a depraved indifference to common sense, and the welfare of our nation. Yeah – go ahead you brain dead morons – ‘help the children stay here’. When you later on have to barricade your home when our nation descends into chaos – maybe THEN you’ll finally be able to see YOU were the CAUSE of our country’s demise. This is sick. It is truly SICK. And the worst of it is that Obama will help it along – because he will never be happy until America is on its knees, right smack next to many other countries. Wake up folks.

  3. The issue of unrestrained (invasion) of illegal aliens into Maryland is a serious issue of arbitrary federal power in violation of the US constitution, which is also the supreme law in Maryland. Any government agency or official who collaborates with or facilitates this type of tyranny is NOT protecting Maryland citizens, and acting in a traitorous way against our basic laws and fundamental constitutional freedoms and rights to secure borders, which is vital to any sovereign country. Richard Rothschild, in his recent Fox News interview brilliantly laid down the basic points required of any Maryland patriot to stand against this federal lawless tyranny, which I have sought to articulate the main points in a “resolution”. This document could be presented for consideration to any city, county government, or other entity of public interest, such as central committees, citizen and patriot groups of one sort or another. Here it is: Resolution to Protect Maryland Citizens from the Arbitrary Power of the Federal Government to Allow Unrestrained Entry of Illegal Aliens into the United States.

    The United States has well-established national borders, within which citizens and other persons must comply with the authority of the US constitution and laws of the federal and state governments, and
    The US congress has established limits and regulations to control the entry into the United States from outside these borders through such means as travel visas, passports, and immigration laws, and
    The US constitution provides that under Article IV, section 4, the federal government shall “protect states against invasion”, and under Art. II, Section 3, that the executive of the federal government will “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” and,
    The Maryland Declaration of Rights, Article 2, upholds the US constitution as supreme law in the state, and
    The federal government, through arbitrary power of executive order, contrary to its own immigration laws, has established a policy and practice of unrestrained entry and release of certain classes of illegal aliens, such as so-called “unaccompanied minors”, and
    In furtherance of this policy of unrestrained entry and release of illegal aliens, in 2014, the federal government has begun to disperse large numbers of these aliens in the various states, seeking local and state collaboration with this unlawful and unconstitutional activity, and
    There is no rational basis or emergency to justify such extraordinary violation of immigration laws at the present time, since there are ample, practical, and less extreme means to protect aliens who claim refugee status at a location within or next to the borders of their own country of residence,
    THEREFORE, Be it now hereby resolved, that:
    The state of Maryland shall protect its citizens from the financial burden and danger of complying with the arbitrary power of the federal government that pursues the entry and release of illegal aliens in the state by refusing to provide funds, services, or any other form of collaboration to maintain or support the unlawful presence of such illegal aliens in the state.
    The state of Maryland also urges the federal government to enforce its immigration laws against the unlawful entry of persons into this country, such as by returning illegal aliens found in this country to their country of origin, or next contiguous country in case of undue physical peril on claim of refugee status.

    Approved by

    Name of organization
    Prepared by: Lee Havis, Free State Patriots,

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