Posted by: Judy K. Warner | April 11, 2014

Thanks to MD Petitions for its scorecard on all Maryland legislators

Here’s a handy scorecard from MD Petitions.  It’s based on votes on these bills over the past four years by every delegate and senator in the Maryland legislature:

SB 167 (Dream Act 2011)

HB 226 (Windmill Bill 2013)

SB 1 (Congressional Redistricting 2011)

SB 276 (Death Penalty Repeal 2013)

HB 438 (Same-Sex Marriage 2012)

SB 422/HB 667 (Mandatory Union Fees 2013)

HB 987 (Rain Tax 2012)

SB 281 (Gun Bill 2013)

SB 1 (Gambling Expansion 2012) 

SB 212 (Bathroom Bill 2014)

HB 1515 (Gas Tax 2013)B 364 (Marijuana Decriminalization 2014)

Click on a delegate or senator and you’ll get not just the score, but his or her vote on each bill with links to the text of each bill.  Also contact information for each legislator.  This is an impressive piece of work and it should prove valuable in this year’s election campaigns.


  1. Thank you!

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