Posted by: Judy K. Warner | March 4, 2014

MD Petitions Legislative Alert on “bathroom bill”

I just received this in my inbox from Del. Neil Parrott at MD Petitions — a little too late to do anything about it, but I’m confident our Republican Washington County legislators will vote the right way.  It looks like it hasn’t come up in the House yet.  It’s part of the continuing attack by the left, politicizing every aspect of our lives down to what sex we are.  Email follows:


The strange new world we live in.

Legislative Alert – MD Senate to Vote Today

Over the past two weeks the Maryland Senate has quietly been pushing through a bill that will seriously affect all Marylanders – the “bathroom bill” – SB 212.  If passed, this radical bill will require all public facilities to be open to anyone – regardless of gender or gender expression.  Put simply, cross dressers in the wrong bathrooms.  How would you like a man, pretending to be a woman, using the bathroom or possibly even a communal shower with your daughter?Each person is born with a specific sex that, regardless of personal, emotional, or psychological feelings to the contrary, is maintained throughout their lives.  There is a reason that bathrooms are separated, and should continue to be.  Men and women are physically different in ways that are traditionally held as private.  Most humans neither want to reveal nor see intimate aspects of strangers of the opposite sex.Regrettably, the most recent actions taken on this bill are just now coming to our attention, and we need to take action right away.On February 20, 2014, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed SB 212 on an 8-3 vote.  Three Senators who voted against a similar bill last year – Sen. Brochin, Sen. Muse, and Sen. Stone – flipped their votes this year and let SB 212 out of the committee.  The bill passed another critical stage on the Senate floor last Friday, and today, March 4, it is scheduled to receive a final vote in the Senate during the 10AM session.  It is likely to pass.If you believe that every person is entitled to privacy, please call your senator and pray that a filibuster is conducted and that it will be successful in the voting session or that the vote is delayed through a “special order”.  Otherwise, we will have to try to stop this bill when it comes to the House of Delegates.

If this bill becomes law, it will radically change our society and put our families and children at risk.  We will keep you informed regarding the status of this bill, and how you can help stop it if it continues to move forward.


Delegate Neil Parrott, Chairman


  1. Up front, I no longer live in the Socialist Republic of Maryland but read report after report of the growing insanity that passes for MD. government. If they would only spend as much time on improving the employment environment as they do on promoting perversion and raising taxes, it would be a step in the right direction. Looks like you have 3 options – flee the state – fight back – or look the other way while the state goes to hell, which appears to be the choice of 98% of Marylanders.

  2. The woman who ran Dukakas campaign invented “the cone” for this purpose, so women can use urinals

  3. […] I received a followup email from Delegate Neil Parrott to his email from MD Petitions that I posted last week.  The bill passed the Maryland Senate and is now in the […]

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