Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 31, 2013

It is not too late to sign up for MDCAN conference!

Special ticket sale price is available today until midnight January 3rd. 

Here is what the Maryland Citizen Action Network has sent out in an e-mail announcement yesterday:

As O’Malley’s new taxes and fees kick in on top of Obamacare insurance increases we have had a request from several previous conference attendees to offer a sale price.  In response to this request we have decided to post a sale to both the conference and our fundraising dinner.

Tickets to the dinner will be $50 and tickets to the conference will be $50 until Friday Jan 3rd at midnight.  The prices after that will be set at $65 for the dinner and $75 for the conference until Friday the 10th.  Admission to the conference at the door will be $100.

These prices will not be dependent upon membership–though membership will still get you discounts to the other events planned for this year and will fund our legislative program this year.

As a bonus anyone who registers for either event before the ball drops at midnight on the 31st  (tonight) will be entered into a drawing to win a handmade in the USA pen that celebrates America’s 2nd Amendment.

The dinner speaker on Friday the 10th of January is Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona.

Go here for more on the conference at the DoubleTree Hotel in Annapolis.

One of the great things about the MDCAN conference is that it is a wonderful opportunity for tea partiers, libertarians and other like-minded activists to meet in person and make new friends and contacts for future political networking and action.

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