Posted by: Ann Corcoran | December 2, 2013

Who cares if they ate turkey or not!

I don’t, and I doubt many Members of Congress will care one way or another if hunger strikers on the Mall went without a few meals.  But, there is Obama and Michelle pandering and looking oh-so-concerned for the well-being of the amnesty pushers going hungry over Thanksgiving.

Former SEIU honcho Eliseo Medina third from left in photo op with POTUS and FLOTUS

Several people sent me this story over the weekend.  But, I see RedState has a good post this morning.

Please note that one of the not-so-underfed looking strikers is CASA de Maryland pal and former SEIU honcho, Eliseo Medina (it doesn’t look like ol’ Sandinista Torres joined the strikers).  See one of our previous posts on the connection between CASA’s Gustavo Torres and Eliseo Medina here.


Interestingly, the person second to the First Lady’s left is Eliseo Medina, the former number two person inside the Service Employees International Union.

In September, Medina abruptly resigned from the SEIU raising speculation that he was involved in the SEIU corruption scandal in Los Angeles that sent former SEIU boss Tyrone Freeman to prison.

As the ex-Secretary-Treasurer of the SEIU, Medina was filmed during a widely-distributed speech on how legalizing illegal immigrants would turn into eight million “progressive” voters.

For the last two weeks, Medina and his fellow fasters have been occupying a tent on the National Mall engaged in a hunger strike*–a tactic, the New York Times notes, Medina learned from Cesar Chavez.

Since Chavez’s time, Medina and others in the SEIU have engaged in numerous media-generating “hunger fasts” during various campaigns which, as one news outlet reported a few years ago, seemed more of a fad diet.

Click here and be sure to watch the video of Obama telling the fasters it’s just a matter of time and their dearest wishes will be fulfilled.

Now, you know what would be a real story—If the pudgy pair Norquist and Rove joined their fellow amnesty pushers on the Mall for a real bipartisan hunger strike!

Update:  See Heritage on carving the immigration turkey, here.


  1. Amen my Sista!

  2. What a shame. Instead of visiting troops, he visits radical stooges.

    • Good point!

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