Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 16, 2013

Salon takes jab at Phyllis Schlafly who is worried about Muslim polygamists getting into US

Of course, Salon is going to ridicule Eagle Forum-founder Schlafly no matter what she says, but she is right to be concerned.

Phyllis Schlafly

She would like to know if we are permitting Muslim polygamists into the US.

And, the answer is YES!, but the administration, this one or the previous one, is never going to admit it in any formal way.  However, having followed our Refugee Resettlement Program for the last six years, I’ve heard the whispers from those within the resettlement community.

Here is just one example I’ve heard:   A polygamist (Somali in this case) gets into the US with one wife and kids and then sets up his second wife as a “sister” or other relative.  The resettlement agency conveniently houses the second wife and kids just down the street!

One tip-off, I’ve been told by my ‘insider’ is if the second wife (who seems to have no hubby) continues to get pregnant.  Now, in our promiscuous culture that wouldn’t mean anything, but in a strict Muslim ‘family’ that would not be happening (she has a husband somewhere close by!).

And, for sure the second family (with no live-in husband) is on welfare. (The first family probably is too!)

Here is Salon:

Phyllis Schlafly is very, very worried about the state of immigration in the U.S. today. You never really know, after all, exactly who is coming through the borders. It could be monsters or aliens or werewolves — or, scariest of all, Muslim polygamists on welfare!

Speaking on a radio show called “Crosstalk,” Schlafly said,

I would like to know if our immigration authorities are letting in people who believe in polygamy. Polygamy is against our law. We’ve brought in thousands of Muslims — I want to know if they made them sign a pledge to assure they’re not bringing in a bunch of wives who will now go on our welfare. Nobody can answer that question; I can’t get any answers to that question.

For everyone concerned about how legalizing gay marriage will open the door to other types of “marriage”—your concern is legitimate.  It will be the next shoe to drop. Polygamy is permitted under Shariah Law.

As for the issue of numbers of Muslim immigrants (raised by a caller)….

This is the best accounting I have seen about the growth in the Muslim population in the US—it is mostly from immigration and it’s growing about 100,000 a year.  Read the whole post because there are some interesting numbers about how many US Muslims believe violence against civilians is justified to defend their “faith.”

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