Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 28, 2013

They call her “Rasputin” too, Valerie Jarrett that is!

Jarrett: “He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do.”

I’m sure you’ve seen the news about the poor sucker in the White House who was tweeting snark anonymously as #natlsecwonk and was ultimately fired.

Well, John Fund has a fun piece at National Review Online in which he says the snark was not seriously investigated until it hit very close to home by attacking Valerie Jarrett.   Fund tells us that some on the Hill say that Jarrett is Obama’s “Rasputin” something we said way back in May of 2012.

Here is Fund (emphasis mine):

President Obama’s aides went to extraordinary lengths to uncover the identity of a senior official who was using Twitter to make snarky comments about White House staffers. Suspicion gradually centered on Jofi Joseph, the point man on nuclear nonproliferation at the National Security Council. So at a meeting in which everyone was in on the scam an inaccurate but innocuous news tidbit was revealed. When Joseph used his anonymous Twitter handle #natlsecwonk to broadcast the tidbit he was caught and promptly fired. He was not fired for revealing any secrets, but for making disparaging comments about thin-skinned administration players ranging from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

What apparently intensified the campaign to identify the “snarker” was a comment about Valerie Jarrett, the senior Obama adviser who has her own Secret Service detail and appears to exercise an inordinate amount of power behind the scenes. Joseph tweeted “I’m a fan of Obama, but his continuing reliance and dependence upon a vacuous cipher like Valerie Jarrett concerns me.”

Jarrett, an old Chicago friend of both Barack and Michelle Obama, appears to exercise such extraordinary influence she is sometimes quietly referred to as “Rasputin” on Capitol Hill…..

Read it all!

The other day I suggested a patriot should write a book on Grover Norquist.  Where is the book on Jarrett?

Our Valerie Jarrett archive is here.

Photo is from this article about “Rasputin” and the shut-down.


  1. I call Jarrett a lot of names but the only one you can probably print here is, ‘The Wicked Witch of The Left’.

    • Good one!

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