Posted by: Judy K. Warner | October 22, 2013

How to beat Obama — brilliant

Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine is consistently interesting and insightful, and  today he outdoes himself.  Beating Obama lays out his analysis of the way to overcome the Obama juggernaut, and it’s one of those things that make you strike your forehead and cry “Why didn’t I see that before?”  Greenfield writes:

Obama does many things. He prevaricates, manipulates, defrauds, abuses and usurps. But one thing that he does not do is compromise.

Any strategy built on forcing Obama to compromise is inherently flawed.

…Obama can only be beaten on his own terms. He can’t be beaten legislatively or judicially as long as he wields executive powers whose limits he refuses to accept. If Congress passes something, he can and will choose to ignore it. If the Supreme Court strikes something down, he will do it anyway.

Here’s the key:

Obama does not see his power in legal terms. The Constitutional limits on his power mean nothing to him. Instead he sees his right to rule in terms of popular will. He isn’t afraid of being on the wrong side of the law, but he is afraid of his agenda being stranded on the wrong side of public opinion.

So public opinion is the way to defeat him.  The Tea Party shifted public opinion against him — that’s why they were such a threat and why he went to such extreme lengths to destroy it.

But the natural caution of the Republican Party reasserted itself and the lessons of the Tea Party uprising were forgotten [with the help of the IRS–ed.]. And those lessons were simple.

Obama can only be beaten in the popular arena. In his mind, he derives his power from the bully pulpit. He is a creature of the media age and popularity is his only law and the only verdict that he will accept.

And the Republican Party is worse than useless, on a national level:

Most people don’t understand the inner workings of government. What they know is that they are unhappy with the state of the country and looking for someone to fight for a better life for them.

Instead of stepping up to the challenge, the Republican Party has become consumed with the illusory center. It is afraid of alienating anyone and so it appeals to no one. It engages in half-measures that do more damage than doing nothing would. It commits halfway to every policy and is hated by everyone.

The key to beating Obama:

Obama can only be beaten with sustained opposition. Innate to his plans is the assumption that his enemies will give up and let him have his victory. When they don’t, he begins making mistakes.

If Greenfield’s analysis is right — and I believe it is — then Ted Cruz must have put the fear of God into Obama and his minions.  They and their media lackeys have imposed a narrative of Cruz destroying the Republican Party that has convinced many faint-hearted Republicans and (barely) right-of-center media types.

Jim DeMint

But the sight of Cruz speaking for hour after hour, with Mike Lee and others helping him out, must have unnerved the Democrats.  And the refusal of Cruz and his allies to apologize or grovel, even after being told by all of the People Who Count that they were reprobates, must unnerve them even more.  They must have quailed at Jim DeMint’s statement from the Heritage Foundation, “Though the immediate effort did not succeed, the effort to save America from ObamaCare is one we will not relent on.”

Sure, these people have little power compared to the power of the presidency, the media, and the talking heads of all stripes.  But they have showed that they will not give up against Obama, that they are not afraid of the forces arrayed against them.  Maybe they will be destroyed.  But my bet is on them and their ultimate ability to connect with the anger of the American people and sway public opinion.

Read the entire (short) Greenfield article — it’s got many more insights than I’ve shown you here.



  1. Well said, Jim and Greenfield. I would add that we know we’re starting to hit home with the other side gets “mad” and goes beyond just ignoring or ridicule – now you can smell the fear in their outright anger and even hatred against the so-called “tea party” We need to intensify the pressure even further. You hit the nail right on the head!

  2. […] to weigh in.  [Readers, Greenfield is the writer with the brilliant observation about Obama which Judy posted here yesterday […]

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