Posted by: Judy K. Warner | September 29, 2013

Leftist big money makes Vermont the vanguard of national change: Is single payer health care coming to America?

This may seem a long way from affecting our lives here in western Maryland and surrounding areas.  It’s not.  A Vermont friend sent me a half-hour documentary called “Turning Blue – Vermont’s transformation from Republican to liberal” that should scare everybody.

I lived in Vermont from 1976 to 1982 and watched some of the process of radicals taking over what had been a deeply conservative state.  It was deliberate: many leftists moved to Vermont because it was a small state with an unsophisticated population where dedicated radicals could make a big difference.

The film is about more than the horrifying history of the takeover.  It shows how outside money has been a big factor in Vermont’s transformation, and how the goal of this movement is to make Vermont the vanguard of national change.  Vermont politics was always easy to influence compared to larger states.  So these people see Vermont as the practice state for getting their policies into effect.

Over the years, leftist policies have driven out many lower-income and middle-class people who could not find jobs in an economy in which environmental and other regulations are so stringent that it is difficult to start a business.  Others left because the often extreme leftism of state politics was intolerable.  (Sound familiar, Marylanders?)

So the state moves farther to the left all the time.  And the national left finds it a fertile field to push policies that it wants to impose on the rest of America.  The issue right now is single payer health care.  That is, total government control of the health care system — a longtime dream of the left.  With a lot of money from national leftist organizations and radical unions, single payer has become the law of the state.

With the failures of ObamaCare becoming more obvious every day, some conservatives think the law will collapse of its own accord.  They think that will leave the way open to a more market- and patient-based system.  I think the left is just waiting to move in with single payer as the “solution” to ObamaCare’s ills.

Remember when the so-called stimulus failed to stimulate the economy?  A normal observer would see that it was the wrong solution.  But leftists like Paul Krugman claimed it failed because not enough government money had been poured out (to special interests, as it happened).  They wanted to double down and spend as much again.

That’s how it will happen with ObamaCare and single payer.  And there’s a well-funded movement, not covered by the media, that is waiting for its opportunity.

Thanks to John McClaughry for sending me the film.  It’s made by the Ethan Allen Institute, one of the few free-market, pro-liberty forces in that deep blue state.  John has worked for many decades to bring sanity to Vermont, and founded the Institute as part of his quest.  But as in Maryland, demographics and the power of the national left are against him.

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