Posted by: Judy K. Warner | September 9, 2013

The ruling class vs. the American people on Syria

Angela Codevilla, who chronicles the growing split between America’s rulers and the ruled, points out in a piece today on Liberty Law Site, Parting Ways With the American People:

Some three fourths of Americans oppose making war on Syria. Hence the Republican leadership class’ reflexive advocacy of entry into Syria’s civil war is cutting one of the few remaining ties that bind it to ordinary Americans.

He gives a brief history of how the Republican establishment has failed us, and goes on:

We cannot be shocked that persons of the intellectual caliber of Obama and his officials would propose entering into a war without a notion of how they propose to leave it or of what they propose to get out of it for America….Nor can we pretend surprise that persons of their moral caliber should use bloodshed abroad as a political weapon at home.

But we have a right and duty to remark and to reprove the manner in which the Republican Establishment is impugning the character of Americans who oppose the war. That manner, Obama-like, eschews argument in favor of insult. To argue is to deal with the opposite position on its own terms. But the Republican Establishment attacks the American people for being “isolationist” – an epithet that no one applies to himself.

And he concludes:

In sum, then, the Republican Establishment wants the American people to lend ourselves to an un-serious military venture in order to prove that we are serious about America’s greatness, to show we are not isolated from the world’s troubles by mixing ourselves in them without a plan for improving them or to shield ourselves from them.

This is from the same people who tell us that the best way to rid ourselves of the evils of Obamacare is to provide funds for it.

Like the Pharisee in the Temple, the Republican Establishment flaunt their differences from ordinary Americans. We should agree.

Codevilla is Professor Emeritus of international relations at Boston University.  His 2010 article in the American Spectator, “The Ruling Class,” later was published as a book, The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It.  It’s one of the most interesting and worthwhile pieces of political thinking I’ve ever read.



  1. People still don’t get it. Obama’s revolting Syria mess is simply him turning the screw a little more, to get EXACTLY what he wants. That is: To totally and completely make our country the laughing stock of the world (even at his own expense, since he is clearly diabolically insane) – so as to weaken our country and/or endanger it, to the point of our thorough and total destruction. He truly belongs in a mental institution – and people continue to be blind to his depravity. God help us.

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