Posted by: Judy K. Warner | August 5, 2013

Yes, Republicans are unhappy with their party

A Pew poll in July asked Republicans questions about the Republican party.  As Karlyn Bowman and Andrew Rugg of AEI report:

30% of self-identified Republicans and Independents who lean Republican said the GOP needed to “make minor changes” to do better in future presidential elections, but 67% said the party needed to address major problems. Sixty-nine percent of Tea Party Republican voters said their party needs to address major problems, as did 65% of non-Tea Party Republicans.

In response to another question, 51% of Tea Party Republicans said the party must make a stronger case for its positions in order to do better (46% of this group said the party needed to reconsider some of its positions). Among non-Tea Party Republicans, those responses were 26% and 70%, respectively.

But Republicans are divided on whether the party should move left or right.

Fifty-four percent of Republicans in the poll said GOP leaders should move in a more conservative direction, while 40% wanted a move in a moderate direction. Nearly seven in ten Tea Party Republican voters (69%) wanted GOP leaders to move in a more conservative direction. Forty-three percent of non-Tea Party Republicans gave that response.

There’s more — about whether the party compromises too much with Democrats or not enough, which leaders are popular, and opinions on the issues.  This question is interesting to me:

Thirty-seven percent of the Republicans in the poll said they agreed with the Tea Party; among Republicans who always vote in the primaries, that rose to 49%.

Those are low numbers, considering that Tea Party positions are actually positions the Republican Party is supposed to stand for.  I’ve followed how the left destroys every threat to its dominance that comes along.  And they always manage to recruit some Republicans to their campaign of destruction.  Look how the media, the Democrats, and even the McCain campaign itself succeeded in destroying Sarah Palin’s enormous popularity and electoral viability.

And we now know what a massive effort was put in place to destroy the Tea Party.  At the time, it looked like an effort of the Democrats aided by the media to make a laughingstock of the name and positions of the Tea Party.  They recruited the usual Republican suspects to trash the people who were revitalizing their party.  The Tea Party gave the Republicans a majority in the House of Representatives, but thereafter seemed to fade away.  Of course we now know that behind the scenes the IRS and other government agencies were doing all they could to wipe out Tea Party groups — and this effort hampered the ability of the Tea Party groups to come back fighting against the smears.

Saul Alinsky is smiling from the grave.

Conservatives have to come up with a strategy to fight back against the left’s permanent campaign.  I have no idea what that would be, but I don’t see how we can prevail when so many who should be on our side are influenced by the left’s destruction campaigns against every potential leader.  Ted Cruz, look out.

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