Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 13, 2013

Simpson: The end is near (for the GOP, us too!) if “comprehensive” immigration reform becomes law

Our friend Jim Simpson penned a pair of articles this past week relating to the Gang of Eight Immigration reform effort now before the Congress.

In the first article at World Net Daily, Simpson gives us an advance look into the latest book from New Zealand’s famous Communist-hunting/America-loving blogger Trevor Loudon.  (We had the opportunity to meet Loudon at MD CAN in October 2011.) Emphasis below is mine.

The U.S. Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration-reform plan, as well as a strikingly similar plan now being backed by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and a bi-partisan House “Gang,” both offer the “roadmap to citizenship” originally conceived and carefully developed by members of the Communist Party USA working within the Democratic Party and the radical left activist network for the purpose of using amnestied illegals to build a “permanent progressive majority.”

That is the inescapable conclusion readers will draw after reading the forthcoming book by acclaimed researcher and blogger Trevor Loudon, titled “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” Although not yet published, Loudon agreed to allow WND readers to preview one chapter, titled “Latino Immigrants: Tools to Ensure a ‘Governing Coalition’ for the Left.”

In the book, Loudon exhaustively documents the Left’s longtime agenda regarding illegal aliens and how its activists have gone about implementing it. He provides irrefutable proof that the entire immigration-reform movement was the brainchild of American communists and that their goal has long been to establish unchallengeable political supremacy.


According to Loudon, the Communist Party USA has influenced U.S. policy toward illegals since at least the 1960s. He traces the history, showing how communists and communist-founded organizations slowly built the movement from the ground up. While other groups certainly joined the effort, the communists were always at the center.

For Republicans, it’s all about the money!

But why would Republicans get behind such a plan? Some astute political observers advise that when politicians appear to be promoting agendas against their own interest, follow the money. As Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian put it, “It’s no surprise that the Republicans supporting this thing are the ones with ties to the Chamber of Commerce, not ordinary voters.”

Read it all, click here.

Readers, Loudon is an example of what each of you could be—an investigative reporter who is just a regular guy doggedly researching a subject which he feels passionate about, becoming THE expert in the field, and thereby contributing to the  future survival of Western Civilization.

Simpson’s second piece this week logically follows on the first, entitled:  Steve King: We’re on ‘suicide watch’ over GOP

Rep Steve King lead Tea Party Rally on June 13th to oppose comprehensive amnesty bill. Photo: Jordan Fabian/Fusion

While there are some Republicans who see undocumented immigrants – or illegal aliens – as a help to the nation’s economy for the jobs they do, there are others who believe they are a significant factor in raising unemployment, depressing wages and taking jobs from Americans.

But another factor is at play in Washington’s current arguments over immigration, illegal aliens, and the Democrats’ plan for amnesty for millions – the future of the GOP.

“About half or so of the [House Republican] Caucus understand we are on suicide watch over the Republican Party,” said Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, following a caucus meeting Wednesday.

After all, it was Eliseo Medina***, an “immigration reform” activist and honorary chair of Democratic Socialists of America, who said he would expect two out of three of those given amnesty would vote Democrat.

That could mean upwards of eight million or more Democrat voters spread across southern states that traditionally have voted Republican.

In 2009, Medina stated, “We reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters. Can you imagine if we have, even the same ratio, two out of three? If we have eight million new voters … We will be creating a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle.”

Then this, Bush pushes amnesty (and has the Leftist “welcoming” lingo down pat)—no surprise!  Meaningless, says another Rep.

And while former President George W. Bush called for American to be a “lawful” and “welcoming” society, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., said, “We care what people back home say, not what some former president says.”

There is more, here.

*** Longtime readers of PTPR might recognize the SEIU officer, Medina, as a personal pal of Maryland’s own Sandinista at CASA de Maryland, Gustavo Torres (here).

Don’t forget, rally on Monday or call your Congressman that day!

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