Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 13, 2013

Longtime Lefty Bob Beckel feels the heat from Leftwing media over Muslim remarks

I’m wondering how long ‘The Five’ on Fox News will be allowed to say what they say about Islamic extremism and Muslim immigration.   If you watch the highly popular cable show (second only to Bill O’Reilly on all of cable), you’ve probably marveled at their, at least weekly ( if not more often!), criticism of Islam.

Bob Beckel feeling the heat from his (former?) friends!

Here Media Matters goes after the Liberal member of the five, Bob Beckel, calling him “Islamophobic” when he recently said we should stop allowing the construction of mosques in America.

There is nothing more fun than seeing how the Left treats its own when they wander off the PC path!

Media Matters:

After declaring that no more mosques should be built in the United States until it works out “who is not a terrorist,” Fox News host Bob Beckel walked back his comments the following day. Yet he has failed to apologize for Islamophobic statements he has made in the past.

[I saw it and in reality he didn’t walk it back very far and then vehemently demanded (paraphrasing here) that if moderate Muslims really existed they would be speaking up about the radicals and they aren’t!—ed]

Beckel, a co-host on Fox’s The Five, used reports of a tragic school massacre in Nigeria to criticize all Muslims on the July 9 edition of the program, ranting: “If it were up to me, I would not have another mosque built in this country until we got it worked out who is not a terrorist.” The next day, Beckel attempted to walk back his remarks, explaining, “I think I overstated my case.”

But Beckel has increasingly held all Muslims accountable for the brutality of a few without expressing regret.

In May, after a horrific beheading by a Muslim immigrant in London, the Fox host claimed the attack was a direct result of Britain’s immigration policies with Islamic countries, saying it “is a product of the British allowing Muslims to come into their country.” He added: “We better take a hard look at our immigration policy and the people we are allowing in here if they’re going to come in here and preach hatred to us.”

Three cheers for Bob!

There is more, read it all.

I sure hope Fox doesn’t chicken out now and give Bob the Glenn Beck treatment.


  1. In most comments, Beckel is typically a leftwing liberal idiot – but – in this case I have to say HE IS RIGHT ON TARGET !!!!

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