Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 4, 2013

‘Americans for a Conservative Direction’ is a creation of Facebook’s Zuckerberg

How many times have you heard those lying advertisements both on TV and radio usually featuring Senator Marco Rubio proclaiming that S. 744 (the Gang of Eight plus Grover amnesty bill) is the toughest in history and not a give-away to illegal aliens?  Sometimes I feel like it’s playing on a loop during Rush Limbaugh (who has been highly critical of the bill) and during FoxNews on TV.

You are being suckered by this punk! Mark Zuckerberg!

I wondered how many people were being suckered by the word “conservative” in the group behind the ad’s name—Americans for a Conservative Direction?

Here is what Discover the Networks says about the ad campaign and the moneybags behind it—Mark Zuckerberg.  It’s enough to make me want to quit using facebook.  Hat tip:  Richard Falknor@highblueridge.

Emphasis below is mine, go to the original for more and to follow links:

Americans for a Conservative Direction (ACD) was established in April 2013 by the founders of the pro-Democrat organization—most notably Facebook chairman Mark Zuckerberg—to try to persuade skeptical conservative and Republican voters to support “comprehensive immigration reform” as a remedy for the nation’s “broken immigration system.” ACD is a sister group to the Council for American Job Growth, which was also formed by to advocate for immigration reform, but to a liberal/left rather than a conservative constituency. communications director Kate Hansen explains that “maintaining two separate entities … to support elected officials across the political spectrum—separately—means that we can more effectively communicate with targeted audiences of their constituents.”

From its inception, ACD stood firmly behind Senate Bill 744, known as the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. Sponsored by the so-called “Gang of Eight” U.S. senators (four Democrats and four Republicans), this bill called for the provision of a path-to-citizenship for most of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already residing in the United States; an expedited path-to-citizenship for illegals who first entered the U.S. as minors; a doubling of the number of future legal immigrants permitted to enter the U.S. from Mexico; and a continuance of the practice of “birthright citizenship,” whereby American citizenship is automatically granted to babies born in the United States regardless of the parents’ legal status.

A Bush family initiative!  Just last evening I wrote about disaffiliation from the Republican Party—here is more evidence of the betrayal former Republicans feel.

ACD’s board of directors consists of five moderate Republicans: (a) Haley Barbour, former governor of Mississippi; , (b) Sally Bradshaw chief of staff to former Florida governor Jeb Bush; (c) Joel Kaplan, deputy chief of staff to former President George W. Bush; (d) Dan Senor, chief advisor to vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan in 2012; and (e) Rob Jesmer, executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) from 2008-12. Former NRSC communications director Brian Walsh also works closely with ACD as an advisor on communications and strategy.

In the spring of 2013, ACD spent millions of dollars to produce a series of pro-immigration-reform television ads and run them in seven states. In six of those states—Texas, Florida, Utah, North Carolina, Iowa and Kentucky—the sales pitch leaned heavily on film clips of Florida Senator Marco Rubio (a Republican member of the Gang of Eight) extolling the virtues of the supposedly tough-but-fair Senate Bill 744. The ad showed Rubio declaring that this legislation not only “puts in place the toughest enforcement measures in the history of the United States, potentially in the world,” but “once and for all deals with the issue of those that are here illegally.” Then, a narrator urged viewers to “stand with Marco Rubio to end de facto amnesty [and] support conservative immigration reform.”

Lies and more lies.  Spend a few minutes searching ACD and Rubio, or ACD and Paul Ryan and you will see that ACD has been called out for lying a number of times.  Here is Breitbart on the issue of lies.  And, even fact.check gets in the action with ‘Zuckerberg-backed Group Spins Immigration’.

Which group of letter-signers do you agree with?

Here is a letter signed in May by the hoity-toity in Washington who call themselves conservatives in support of the bill.  LOL!  I bet most of you are saying, who the heck are they, never heard of ’em.  Well, of course, Grover Norquist is on the list of those on Obama’s side on immigration.  Remember the “disaffiliate Republican” questions what the GOP’s motives are!

Then, click here for another letter opposing S. 744 where 150 concerned Americans urge you to oppose the Obama/Rubio S.744.  Note that yours truly was honored to be included in this list!  Be sure to scroll down the list of 150 plus including many grassroots and Tea Party leaders from around the country.

Have a Happy Independence Day!


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