Posted by: Ann Corcoran | July 3, 2013

Two messages for Karl (Rove) and the establishment boys

It’s about disaffiliation and both messages may be applied to the immigration battle on-going.

A case can be made that the disaffiliation identified by Legal Insurrection, which reports on a study about how some present and former Republicans have become unhappy with being labeled Republicans, leads to the reason tens of thousands (more?) never showed up to vote (addressed in a second message from Peter Brimelow at VDARE.)

Legal Insurrection (hat tip: Paul) reports on a study by Frontier Lab which did months of research into why some Republicans are refusing to go by the label “Republican.”

It won’t matter how many groups (Hispanics, for instance!) the Republican establishment reaches out to, they must first address the four issues that have caused disaffiliation by so many largely white voters.

 No matter what outreach the RNC recommends to various segmented groups, if they do not address the four insights revealed by “Switching Behavior,” their cause will be a hopeless one.


The results were fascinating; after combining the flowcharts from individuals who share conservative or moderate views and no longer will use the label “Republican” to describe themselves, we ascertained four core patterns that they had in common:

~Rejection of the “Lesser of Two Evils” argument;
~Articulation of “Loss of Hope” in the GOP;
~Affiliation with a new community, and
~Incident of perceived betrayal by the GOP establishment


What you don’t see here is that policy differences lead the way in disaffiliation. They’re there, to be sure, most prominently captured by those who lost hope after witnessing the GOP continually nominate candidates they perceived to be weak, too moderate, or too conservative. But patterns stemming from the realization that a “lesser of two evils” argument, put forth by the GOP to encourage support of a candidate, is no longer acceptable, is a strong indicator of future disaffiliation.

Confused?  Check out the graphic and see if this sounds like you?  (Readers because of the format of PTPR this graphic does not fit well, so if you can’t read it, please go to the original (click here) because you will find it very worthwhile.)

Here is how the graphic is described:

This individual began to question the Republican Party after having seen the candidate he supported attacked by members of the Republican establishment. At the same time, he felt “let down” after seeing Mitt Romney chosen as the 2012 nominee for President. Both of these preceding an event, the questioning of the GOP’s motives, which ultimately led to feelings of exclusion and the critical incident, disaffiliation. Concurrently, the event of affiliation with a new community, in this case the Tea Party, was identified as another path to disaffiliation.

Again, no matter how many other groups the GOP reaches out to and in the process gives up its principles (and attacks those within its ranks who disagree), it won’t get back the voters it lost in the recent election—whites and conservatives of all colors!.  This applies especially, in my view, if the GOP endorses the amnesty bill (S.744).  The disaffiliation will then be permanent!

Here Peter Brimelow at VDARE writes about a surprising turn of events—some Republicans are ‘getting it’ that the comprehensive immigration reform concept is going to add, not to the Republican voter rolls, but to the Democrats and that maybe regaining their lost white voters will prove more fruitful going forward.

Someone please tell Karl!

Update:  Wonder why we feel disaffiliation?  Here is a list from back in May of all the Republican luminaries selling us out.



  1. This is the first time that I have seen articulated what I have been feeling.

  2. […] Bush family initiative!  Just last evening I wrote about disaffiliation from the Republican Party—here is more evidence of the betrayal former […]

  3. That describes me pretty well. Will the old RHINOS drive out the clear voice of Ted Cruz, who people love? So far the RHINOS have ruined the party. Then there is the relentless voice of accountability and freedom, Rand Paul, who seems to have a lot of momentum. The Republican Party has fooled me once, but not twice. Great running mates would be Col. Allen West or Dr. Ben Carson. Looking back, it seems the Herman Cain may have been a victim of the “snoop detail”.

    • LOL! I feel like the Republican Party has fooled us twice already and are aiming to make it three in a row! I like the same candidates you’ve mentioned, but like Ann Coulter I’m now a one issue voter—it’s immigration. Whoever supports amnesty will


      get my vote. But, more importantly they won’t get any work out of me either and I think that is a crucial issue that candidates don’t seem to understand. You have to be a strong enough candidate that people want to work—door to door, phone banking etc. Without engendering that kind of grassroots enthusiasm a candidate cannot win. The old RHINOS don’t get that!

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