Posted by: Ann Corcoran | June 26, 2013

NumbersUSA: Phone lines jammed with anti-amnesty calls

It is not too late and NumbersUSA is reporting movement toward the NO column by some Senators.

Call all evening and early in the morning too!  Final cloture vote likely in the morning.

Here is another number you can use to call your Senators if the one below is jammed:  888-995-8349

Here is the latest from NumbersUSA:


~Senate phone lines jammed with anti-amnesty calls — some phone alternatives — keep it up

~Chambliss, Chiesa, Enzi & Wicker joined our side in procedural cloture vote this aft — up to 33 and growing

~Red-state Dems take callous view toward struggling workers in their state — especially Black Americans

~Media coming to grips with bruising Senate battle making House far less receptive to amnesty this year

~Send Immigration Grade Cards to the Senators who are so proud of themselves for engineering a massive increase in foreign labor.

Please keep phoning Senators the rest of the afternoon. The Senate switchboard and individual office phones are often jammed, so just keep trying.

ACTION 1: Refer to the alert I sent you this morning for the toll-free number into individual Senators’ offices. [That is this number:  888-995-8349]

ACTION 2: If that or the 202-224-3121 switchboard number can’t get you through, go to our directory for all DC and home-state office phone numbers and use one or more of those. It is important that the staffs of these Senators do little else but answer phone calls opposing S. 744 today.

Chambliss, Chiesa, Enzi & Wicker joined our side in procedural cloture vote this afternoon

Those of you in Georgia, New Jersey, Wyoming and Mississippi, call and give heartfelt thanks to these four who on an interim cloture vote this afternoon joined the Senators who had also voted on the anti-amnesty side on Monday. (The key cloture vote happens tomorrow).

That brings to 33 the Senators who have been willing to vote to just end the whole process on S. 744 before getting to a final vote. That is up from only 15 who would take that stand nine days ago.

The Alert continues.  Sign up here to receive these Alerts directly from NumbersUSA as this travesty moves forward in Washington.


  1. […] note:  This is cross-posted from Potomac Tea Party Report.  Remember S.744 is not just about illegal immigration, it will increase the number of refugees […]

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